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International Programs

Our International Programs

Montage of pictures from the Department of Medicine's global health programs. 

The Department of Medicine works in partnership with educational institutions and research teams around the world.  In each one of our projects, we strive to meet these goals:

  • To develop sustainable local capacity to prevent disease and deliver clinical care
  • To prepare the physicians of tomorrow in the United States and abroad
  • To develop the medical treatments and tools most urgently needed in the world today

These are some of our current efforts:

Internal Medicine Residency Training Program

Children playing in cane village outside Maputo, MozambiqueThe Global Medicine elective rotation in Maputo, Mozambique, is an educational exchange and research elective for trainees in the UC San Diego Internal Medicine Residency Training Program.

The bilateral program allows internal medicine trainees to study and practice in a partner nation under the mentorship of doctors from both institutions.

Residents on Global Medicine rotation also receive guidance from other Department of Medicine faculty members and fellows.

Mozambican residents in internal medicine.
Top right, children in a cane village in Mozambique.  Photo © 2008 Kenneth Kaushansky, MD, MACP.

Above left, Mozambican residents (left to right) Drs. Clotilde Tilwene, Neusa Jessen, and Marilia Vida.

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Global Health in Local Populations is a two-week elective medical subspecialty ambulatory rotation for Internal Medicine Residency Program trainees. It offers residents the opportunity to explore the connections among international health, human rights, epidemiological trends and health disparities through experience in outpatient clinics that serve the global populations in San Diego.

Medical Education Partnership Initiative

In September 2010, the Universidade Eduardo Mondlane (UEM) and the UC San Diego Department of Medicine received a five-year, $12.5-million grant under the new U.S. Medical Education Partnership Initiative.  

The UCSD-UEM project, aimed at strengthening the medical education system in Mozambique, builds on the two institutions' existing partnership in education and research. | See project update: Voices of Change (video)

Med into Grad Program

International research experience is an option within Med Into Grad, an education program that offers clinical medical experiences to doctoral students in the biomedical sciences at UC San Diego.

Funded by the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, Med into Grad is a collaboration between the Department of Medicine and the Biomedical Sciences Graduate Program

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Division of Biomedical Informatics

Lucila Ohno-Machado, MD, PhDUnder the direction of Lucila Ohno-Machado, MD, PhD, professor and founding chief (pictured at right), the Division of Biomedical Informatics conducts a number of international projects.

Among the projects are:

See a list of all current projects.

Division of Global Public Health

The Division of Global Public Health conducts projects in education, research, disease prevention and medical education.

Their current major education programs:

Their research programs:

Steffanie Strathdee, PhD, is Associate Dean of Global Health Sciences, Harold Simon Professor and Chief of the Division of Global Public Health and Director of the Global Health Initiative.

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Division of Infectious Diseases

African boy.The Division of Infectious Diseases conducts programs for research, education, and clinical care in many nations.

The chief of the Division of Infectious Diseases is David "Davey" Smith, MD, Professor of Medicine and Vice Chair of Faculty Affairs in the Department of Medicine.


Right, African boy. Photo © 2008 Kenneth Kaushansky, MD, MACP.



UC San Diego Global Health Initiative


The Global Health Initiative is a UC San Diego resource for coordinating global health projects, courses, research, and training programs for the local global health community.

At right, Steffanie Strathdee, PhD, Director of the UC San Diego Global Health Initiative.

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Drs. Marisa Magana and Emilia Noormahomed in Mozambique.

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