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Program Design and Tracks

All PSTP trainees are assigned to a faculty member who serves as an advisor throughout the entire training period. The advisor will provide individual academic and career counseling and will assist the trainee in selecting scientific mentors.

Trainees may elect to follow one of two tracks in preparation for faculty positions. In either case, the first two clinical years are identical to those in the Categorical Track of the Internal Medicine Residency Program.

General Internal Medicine Track

The Physician-Scientist Training Pathway in General Internal Medicine consists of five years of training, two years are clinical and three are research. The residents first complete an internship and one year of residency and then enter the research segment of the program.

Subspecialty Track

The PSTP program can be combined with medicine subspecialty fellowship training programs. In this case, the trainee will complete the internal medicine internship and residency and then complete the clinical subspecialty training. After completion of clinical training, the trainee will then enter into research training for two to three years. Only under exceptional circumstances would the trainee enter into the research component prior to completing clinical training.

Participating subspecialties have agreed to provide preferential acceptance of qualified PSTP trainees who are committed to a career in academic medicine and who complete their clinical training successfully. Applicants who wish to conduct subspecialty training must meet with representatives of the subspecialty program, including the fellowship director, during the interview. To ensure this, an applicant must inform us of his/her subspecialty preference early in the application process to allow adequate time to coordinate interviews. An applicant who is interested in more than one subspecialty should indicate this in the application, and we will try to include meetings with the fellowship program directors from each division of interest.

Applicants who are undecided concerning subspecialty training at the time of applying to the PSTP, must apply to the fellowship program by October of the first year of training. However, in this case, it may be more difficult to obtain a position in the subspecialty program.