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Stina Mui, MD, PhD

Stina Mui

Dr. Mui graduated magna cum laude with her BA from Harvard University in 1995 and entered the MD-PhD Program at UC San Diego in 1996. She earned her PhD in Neurosciences in 2002 and her MD in 2004 from UC San Diego.

In 2001, Dr. Mui was awarded the Washington Square Health Foundation Scholar, The Salk Institute.

Dr. Mui then became a hematology-oncology fellow and did research in systems biology of cancer in the laboratory of Dr. Trey Ideker, Division of Medical Genetics and Department of Bioengineering. 

Selected Publications

Mui SH, Kim JW, Lemke G, Bertuzzi S. (2005) Vax genes ventralize the embryonic eye. Genes Dev. 2005 May 15;19(10):1249-59

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Mui SH, Bertuzzi S, Adlkofer K, Lemke G. (1999) Ventral Anterior Homeobox 2 (VAX2) is implicated in axon guidance in the central and peripheral nervous systems. Society for Neuroscience abstract. Presented as poster in Society for Neuroscience annual meeting in Miami, Florida. October 1999.

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