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Pradipta Ghosh, MD

Pradipta Ghosh

Dr. Ghosh obtained her medical degree from Christian Medical College, Vellore, in India. She graduated in 2000 as the Best Outgoing Student in Medicine, Surgery and Overall Best Outgoing Student adjudged by the Indian Medical Association on a nationwide ranking. She started her career in science as a research associate training under Dr. Stuart Kornfeld at Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri, in 2001 before beginning her internship and residency in internal medicine here at UC San Diego in 2003.

In 2008 she graduated from the Gastroenterology fellowship program and joined as an Assistant Professor on tenure track in the department of Medicine at UCSD. Ongoing work in her laboratory seeks to identify novel signal amplifiers/rheostats in a systematic and unbiased way using a three-pronged approach. Using these approaches her laboratory has already identified new rheostats with surprising functions during cellular processes such as membrane-trafficking, autophagy, survival, apoptosis, mitosis, differentiation and migration. Once systematically applied, these approaches have the real potential to revolutionize our understanding of signal transduction and the diverse biological processes and disease states that they control.

Ghosh Lab


Selected Publications

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Ghosh P., Beas, A., Bornheimer SJ., Garcia-Marcos M., Forry E.P., Johannson, C., Jung, B.H., Cabrera, BL., Carethers, J.M. and Farquhar MG. A Gαi-GIV molecular switch decides whether cells migrate or proliferate in response to growth factors. Mol Biol Cell., 2010 July 1;21(13):2338-2354. (Featured as Editor's Choice in Science Signaling AAAS- by Editor in Chief, Nancy Gough, entitled, "Move or Divide?" (;3/129/ec203) and also was selected for "Highlights in MBoC" and nominated for "Paper of the Year" by American Society of Cell Biology" (

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Garcia-Marcos M., Ear, J., Farquhar, M. and Ghosh P. A GEF (GIV) and a GDI (AGS3) Regulate Autophagy by Balancing G protein Activity and Growth Factor Signals. Mol. Biol. Cell, 2011 Mar; 22 (5): 673-686.

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