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Lai-Jung Tai, MD, PhD

Lai-Jung Tai

Dr. Tai came to the PSTP at UC San Diego after graduating summa cum laude from UC San Diego and then obtained MD and PhD degrees from Northwestern University in 2003. Lai did a fellowship in endocrinology and worked in transcriptional regulation in the laboratory of Dr. Ron Evans at the Salk Institute.

Selected Publications

MacKenna, DA, Omens, JH, Tai, LJ, McCulloch, AD, Covell, JW: Effects of Collagenase in the Mechanics of the Arrested Rat Left Ventricle(LV). FASEB, 6(4): A1487, 1992.

Evans, SM, Tai, LJ, Tan, VP, Newton, CB, Chien, KR: Cardiac: Fibroblast Heterokaryons Reveal lack of Dominance of the Cardiac Muscle Phenotype. Molecular and Cellular Biology, 14(6): 4269-79, 1994.

Tai, LJ, McFall, SM, Huang, K, Demeler, B, Fox, SG, Brubaker, K, Radhakrishnan I, Morimoto RI: Structure-Function Analysis of the Heat Shock Factor Binding Protein Reveals a Protein Composed Solely of a Highly Conserved and Dynamic Coiled-Coil Trimerization Domain. Journal of Biological Chemistry, 277: 735-745, 2002.

Westerheide, S, Tai, LJ, Schwabenbauer, S, Morimoto, RI: Heat Shock Factor 1 (HSF1) Mediated Nonsteroidal Anti-inflammatory Drug Activation of the Heat Shock Response Leading to Cytoprotection. In preparation.