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Julio Anacleto Gutierrez, MS, MD

Dr. Gutierrez earned an undergraduate degree in Integrative Biology from University of California at Berkeley, a Master of Science from Columbia University and his MD from Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York City. Dr. Gutierrez took the unusual path of undertaking a significant amount of research while at the same time completing his medical education uninterrupted. At Mount Sinai, Dr. Gutierrez worked with Dr. Andrea Branch studying the hepatitis C virus (HCV), using tools from bioinformatics, classical virology, molecular biology and translational research. The main focus of his research was identifying the natural history of the Alternate Reading Frame Protein in HCV, the humoral immune response to HCV proteins, and affinity purification of anti-HCV antibodies from ascitic fluid.

Dr. Gutierrez completed his training in Internal Medicine in 2009 at UCSD and is a Gastroenterology T32 Fellow until 2012. He joined the laboratory of Drs. Robert “Chip” Schooley and David Wyles where he continues to study HCV. He is the principal investigator of an IRB approved serum and tissue for chronic liver disease and co-investigator on two active grants. Currently, his research attempts to understand how vitamin D inhibits HCV in vitro. Additionally, he is conducting pilot studies of vitamin D supplementation measuring HCV viral kinetics. Another area of focus of Dr. Gutierrez’s research is to develop methods for ultra-deep sequencing in HCV. He is applying this technology to regions of HCV associated with hepatocellular carcinoma and resistance to direct acting antivirals against HCV. Dr. Gutierrez’s main clinical interest is in HCV and liver transplantation.

His awards and honors include the National Medical Fellowship, New York Academy of Medicine Louis Seaman Grant, Gelernt Award for Academic Excellence and Community Service, and Distinguished Fellow of the NACGF. He is a current co-investigator on a CFAR pilot project to characterize HCV mutations associated with hepatocellular carcinoma and a diversity supplement for Ms. Roxana Flores for ultra-deep sequencing of HCV mutations related to resistance of direct acting antivirals in HCV.

Selected Publications

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