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Asaf Presente, MD, PhD

Asaf Presente

Dr. Presente received his MD-PhD from Northwestern University for his studies of Notch signaling in Drosophila neurobiology. Asaf is a second-year resident who has been accepted into the Pulmonary and Critical Care Fellowship Program.

Selected Publications

Presente A., Boyles R., Serway CN., de Belle SJ. and Andres AJ. Notch is required for long-term memory in Drosophila. Proc Natl Acad Sci USA 101(6):1764-8 2004 Feb

Presente A., Shaw S., Nye JS, Andres JS. Transgene mediated RNA interference defines a novel role for Notch in chemosensory startle behavior. Genesis 34:165-169, 2002 Sep

Presente A., Andres A., and Nye JS. Requirement for Notch in adulthood for neurological function and longevity. Neuroreport 12(15):3321-3325, 2001 Oct

Franklin JL., Berechid BE., Cutting FB., Presente A., Chambers CB., Foltz DR., Ferreira A., Nye JS. Autonomous and non-autonomous regulation of mammalian neurite development by Notch1 and Delta1. Current Biology 9(24):1448-57, 1999 Dec

Foote SJ., Burt RA., Baldwin TM., Presente A., Roberts AW., Laural YL., Lew AM., Marshall VM. Mouse loci for malaria-induced mortality and the control of parasitaemia. Nature Genetics. 17(4):380-1, 1997 Dec.

Presente A., Sehgal A., Dudus L., Engelhardt JF. Differentially regulated epithelial expression of an Eph family tyrosine kinase (fHek2) during tracheal surface airway and submucosal gland development. American Journal of Respiratory Cell & Molecular Biology. 16(1):53-61, 1997 Jan.

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Myers JC., Yang H., D'Ippolito JA., Presente A., Miller MK., Dion AS. The triple-helical region of human type XIX collagen consists of multiple collagenous subdomains and exhibits limited sequence homology to alpha 1(XVI). Journal of Biological Chemistry. 269(28):18549-57, 1994 Jul 15.