Inpatient Rotations

Inpatient rotations take place at three medical center sites: UC San Diego Medical Center in Hillcrest, Veterans Affairs San Diego Healthcare System hospital in La Jolla, and our sites that make up the UCSD East Campus, including: Jacobs Medical Center and Sulpizio Cardiovascular Center in La Jolla. 

Electronic medical records are in use at all sites: CPRS (Computerized Patient Record System) at the VA and Epic at all UCSD sites (including Hillcrest, Sulpizio, and Jacobs).

There is 24-hour availability of IV placement, phlebotomy, respiratory therapy, EKG, and blood gases.

Resident call schedules, clinic schedules, conference schedules and other reference documents are maintained on a residency program website.

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Specialty, Ward, and ICU Rotations at Jacobs Medical Center

At UC San Diego Jacobs Medical Center in La Jolla our residents rotate through both 2-week inpatient ward blocks and a variety of subspecialty consult rotations.

The ward rotations consist of 3-4 teams of 1 resident and 1 attending, with one of these teams having an inpatient oncology focus. The Jacobs Medical Center provides a unique patient population with specialized needs; including, but not limited to, Cystic Fibrosis, Inflammatory Bowel Disease, and the majority of our inpatient Oncology care.

Residents have the opportunity to rotate through a variety of elective subspecialty services, including consult services in: Gastroenterology and Hepatology, Pulmonology, Nephrology, Infectious Disease, and Bone Marrow Transplant.

An elective Critical Care rotation is also available, which provides further exposure to Pulmonary/Critical Care fellows and attendings in an ICU that delivers care to some of the most critically-ill patients in our region, including our Bone Marrow Transplant patients.

Ward Rotation at UC San Diego Medical Center in Hillcrest

At UC San Diego Medical Center in Hillcrest, there are five teams (one resident and two interns) that rotate on a daytime call cycle. Each team is attended by a UCSD hospitalist or specialist guest attending. 

There is a night admitting team consisting of a senior resident and intern that admits patients overnight. There is also a night float intern who provides cross-coverage for all ward patients. A nocturnist staffs all admissions and will admit on their own to off-load the residents when necessary.

On the Hillcrest wards, there is a dedicated hospitalist-only non-teach service that functions as an overflow service when teaching team census numbers are high. This service can also take admissions directly when the day teams are capped prior to the arrival of the night team.

Medical ICU Rotation at UC San Diego Medical Center in Hillcrest

At the Medical Center in Hillcrest, there is one MICU team with four residents and four interns, a pulmonary/critical care fellow, and an attending. The team cares for critically ill patients including those with shock and multiorgan failure. Multidisciplinary rounding teams including nutritionists, respiratory therapists, nurses and physicians work together to provide the highest level of care. The MICU team also responds to all code blues in the hospital.

UCSD Medical Center Hillcrest ICU.

Inpatient Cardiology Rotation at Sulpizio Cardiovascular Center

At Sulpizio Cardiovascular Center, the inpatient cardiology service is run by our residents. The general cardiology service includes patients presenting with acute coronary syndrome, arrhythmias, and valvular disorders, with a mix of critical and ward-level patients. Heart failure patients are mixed between this primary team and a separate specialized heart failure service, which is available as an elective rotation.

There are four residents and four interns on the team, working in close conjunction with the cardiology fellow and on-service attendings. Residents are responsible for primary cardiac evaluations in the Emergency Department and admitting direct transfers from other hospitals.


Ward Rotation at the VA San Diego Healthcare System Hospital

At the Veterans Affairs San Diego Healthcare System hospital, there are four teams (composed of one resident and two interns) that rotate on a daytime call cycle. Two of the teams alternate admissions throughout the day. All patients are staffed with a Hospital Medicine attending

A team with one resident, intern, and attending admit patients overnight. There is a night float intern whose primary job is to provide cross-coverage for all VA ward patients. The night interns alternate admitting and cross cover responsibilities nightly. Interns have an admission cap of five new patients per call day.

There are attending physicians in-house 24 hours per day. The attending physicians at night provide staffing for night admissions, and will do admissions themselves if the night admitting teach team reaches its cap of 8 patients.

ICU/CCU Rotation at the VA Hospital

At the Veterans Affairs San Diego Healthcare System hospital, a  team comprised of four residents and three interns cares for critically ill patients requiring an ICU level of care and patients admitted to the inpatient cardiology service. The team is staffed by both cardiology and pulmonary/critical care fellows and attendings.

The ICU team responds to all codes in the hospital, and the senior resident leads resuscitative efforts with fellow and attending guidance.