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Application Requirements

Our 2020 application deadline is October 21. We will not accept ERAS applications past this deadline.

We generally receive approximately 3,500 completed applications per year and interview approximately 600 applicants. Our residency recruitment committee reviews all applications, evaluating multiple factors including:

  • General academic performance.
  • Clinical performance (particularly in internal medicine and related rotations).
  • Letters of recommendation.
  • Personal qualities and achievements.

In order to complete your file, we require:

  1. Your Dean's letter.

  2. Your medical school transcript.

  3. Your USMLE/ National Board scores, Step I and II (Step II if available, however not mandatory for application review). Please note that we do not accept COMLEX in lieu of USMLE.

  4. Letters of Recommendation:
    Per AAIM guidelines, categorical applicants will need 1 letter of recommendation from an internal medicine faculty member in addition to the Department Chairman in Medicine (or his/her designee) letter.

    Preliminary applicants will need 1 letter from an internal medicine faculty and 1 from a faculty in the specialty to which they are applying. They are not required to submit the Chair of Medicine letter.

  5. Evidence of registration in the Selective Service program, or evidence of exempt status issued by the Veterans Affairs’ Office of Academic Affiliations (OAA) through a Status of Information letter. For more information on this requirement, please review the document here:
    Selective Service - Registration Requirement.pdf

    We will accept additional letters via ERAS if you have them available. If applying for the Combined Medicine/Pediatrics program,   please provide four letters of recommendation, two from medicine and two from pediatrics, one each being from the Chair, Program Director or Clerkship Director representing each specialty. If you receive interview invitations from both Medicine and the Combined Medicine/Pediatrics program, please contact us; you only need to complete one interview to be considered for both programs.

Recommendation letters should be addressed according to ERAS instructions.

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