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Frequently Asked Questions

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Work Environment

Which hospitals do residents rotate through?

Where do residents spend their time?

How much inpatient time is there?

What outpatient experiences/locations do residents rotate through?

What is the continuity clinic experience like?

Does UC San Diego use an "X+Y" schedule for continuity clinics?

What is the patient population like?


What is the conference schedule like?

What is Friday School?

Mentorship/Research/Global Medicine

How easy is it to find a mentor?

How much research time do you get?

Does the program support presentations at national conferences?

Who can go to Maputo, Mozambique?

Life in San Diego

Where do most residents live?


What stipends are offered?

How much vacation do residents get?

Does the program provide food?

How is parking?

Future Career Paths

What do UC San Diego graduates do after graduation?