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Dr. Sam Patel Maputo Central Hospital exterior. Dialysis unit at Maputo Central Hospital

Left, Sam Patel, MD, Professor of Medicine and MEPI Co-Principal Investigator, Universidade Eduardo
Mondlane School of Medicine; center,Maputo Central Hospital exterior; right, the hospital's

Maputo Central Hospital

Maputo Central Hospital. Photographs: Chip Schooley, MD

During the elective rotation in Maputo, UC San Diego residents receive instruction and medical practice opportunities as integrated members of the internal medicine residency training program in the School of Medicine of the Universidade Eduardo Mondlane.

The School of Medicine, founded in 1963, is the primary medical school in Mozambique. Universidade Eduardo Mondlane is the country’s major national university. 

The university medical center, Maputo Central Hospital, is located adjacent to the School of Medicine. It is an 1100-bed acute care hospital with 350 medical beds.

Drs. Noormahomed and Patel are the Maputo coordinators for the UCSD Global Medicine rotation. Both are also members of the UC San Diego Department of Medicine faculty.

About Dr. Patel

Dr. Patel graduated from the UEM School of Medicine in 1976. He received his internal medicine training in Berlin before returning to Mozambique in 1992 to serve as Professor and Chair of the UEM Department of Medicine.

He is now professor of medicine, co-principal investigator of the UEM Medical Education Partnership Initiative, and a member of the Medical Council of Mozambique.


Marisa & Emilia

Drs. Marisa Magaña and Emilia Noormahomed.

About Dr. Noormahomed

A graduate of the UEM School of Medicine, Dr. Noormahomed received a PhD in parasitology from the University of Grenada. She has been on the faculty of UEM School of Medicine since 1992 and served as its dean from 2002 to 2007.

Dr. Noormahomed is principal investigator of the UEM Medical Education Partnership Initiative. 

At left, Dr. Noormahomed is pictured with Dr. Marisa Magaña, 2007 graduate and former Chief Medical Resident in the UC San Diego Internal Medicine Residency Training Program.

Internal Medicine Trainees at Maputo Central Hospital

The Internal Medicine Residency Program trainees at Maputo Central Hospital.
Photograph: Alexis Sexton.

Disease Spectrum

At Maputo Central Hospital, a broad range of general internal medical diseases and disorders are seen in the patient population.

Infectious diseases in Mozambique include bacterial and protozoal diarrhea, hepatitis A, typhoid fever, malaria, plague, schistosomiasis, cholera, tuberculosis, and HIV/AIDS (prevalence 12.2%).

Research Opportunities

Carly Guthrie

Carly Guthrie, UCSD medical student in Dr. Noormahomed’s laboratory.
Photograph: Carly Guthrie.

Research opportunities including investigations in malaria, tuberculosis and HIV are available under the direction of Emilia Virginia Noormahomed, MD, PhD.

The UC San Diego Division of Infectious Diseases has an ongoing research collaboration with Dr. Noormahomed’s laboratory.

Research team at Maputo Central Hospital. 

The research team at Maputo Central Hospital.
Photograph: Chip Schooley, MD