COVID-19 Updates

Visit UC San Diego's Coronavirus portal for the latest information for the campus community.

COVID-19 and Residency Training

‚ÄčThese are unprecedented times as we have endured a global pandemic.  The UC San Diego Med/Peds Residency Program wants to reassure you that we are doing everything to ensure quality residency training and well-being despite the limitations and uncertainty COVID-19 has placed on our daily lives.  Here is what we are doing during the pandemic:

Teaching Conferences

Teaching conferences have continued with the same schedule and, at times of viral surge, are either virtual or in small groups (< 10 people with social distancing) at all sites. Resident computers have been fitted with cameras on wards to facilitate interaction during virtual educational meetings. Teaching conferences continue to have expert faculty discussants, outstanding case presentations, and interactive learning in the virtual format that includes breakout rooms, polls, chats and annotation. We continue to have our protected half-day of learning on Friday afternoons on both medicine and pediatrics during this period, which is converted to virtual in times of high viral spread.  In addition, we have our monthly med/peds educational meetings in the evening, which are also converted to virtual format in times of high community spread. This is a great time not only for virtual learning in a smaller group setting but it is also a valued time to spend with your med/peds colleagues at the end of the day. 

Program and Wellness Events

During surges in community spread, program events and most wellness activities have been required by health authorities or the university to be in a virtual format. However, our residents and program have found ways to make virtual meetings fun, including virtual cooking classes, happy hours, and themed business retreats! 

Virtual Med Peds Business Retreat 2020: Creative Headware Theme

Virtual Med Peds Business Retreat 2020: Creative Headware Theme

Caring for Patients with COVID-19

San Diego, like most cities, has seen several surges in number of patients with COVID-19. Residents assist in caring for some of these patients as part of their training while following CDC guidelines, with full PPE (including PPE donning and doffing training), and faculty supervision. There is no shortage of PPE at UC San Diego Health or any of the affiliated sites, including the VA and Rady Children's. Residents and faculty are expected to wear medical masks and eye protection (face shields or goggles) when seeing patients, regardless of COVID-19 status in inpatient and outpatient settings. All patients are tested for SARS-CoV-2 on admission to any of our hospitals which typically results prior to exit from the Emergency Department, and there are fully staffed non-teach teams to assist in management of inpatients, including in the ICU when needed. The process for employee (including resident) testing in case of exposure is rapid and streamlined. Currently, patients with COVID-19 make up an overall minority of inpatients on ward services, and residents continue to see a diverse amount of pathology and disease processes as part of their training, despite the pandemic.

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