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Welcome to our Resident Profiles homepage. Click on any name of our current housestaff members and an individual profile of this person will appear. Feel free to send an e-mail to any of our housestaff with questions about our program.

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PGY-4: 2015-2019

Solomon Greenberg, M.D.

Grant Meyer, M.D.

Patrick Passerelli, M.D.

Hannah Wangberg, M.D.

PGY-3: 2016-2020

Lauren Covert, M.D.

Maggie Kozman, M.D.

Jessica Mattox, M.D.

Danielle Munce, M.D.

PGY-2: 2017-2021

Robert (Conor) Holton-Burke, M.D.

Pooja Jaeel, M.D.

John (Jack) Strutner, M.D.

Kevin Yang, M.D.

PGY-1: 2018-2022

Catherine Cichon, M.D.

Ian Drobish, M.D.

Nicole Herrick, M.D.

Alexis Quade, M.D.