Application Process

Application Requirements

We welcome your interest in our residency training program and hope this website has provided you with useful information. Applicants interested in applying to our program should do so through the National Residency Matching Program (NRMP) using the Electronic Residency Application Service (ERAS). More information on how to use these resources may be found on their respective websites.

The NRMP Code for the UCSD Medicine/Pediatrics Residency Program is 1049700C0.

The UCSD Medicine/Pediatrics Program will match four intern positions each academic year. An Executive Recruitment Committee reviews all applications to the program. Following this screening process, applicants will be notified through ERAS of their interview status. The interview day is a one-day process with extensive overview of the program. The night before the interview there is an optional, but highly encouraged, dinner at the home of our residents. The interview season begins in late October and ends in mid December. Medicine/Pediatrics applicants will have the choice of interviewing on Monday or Thursday. Please note that invitations to interview are generally sent out after the release of the Dean's Letter.

The application deadline to complete your file is December 1 of each recruitment year. In order to complete your file, we require a Dean's letter, a medical school transcript, USMLE scores for Step I, letters of recommendation, and completion of the ERAS application. Step II scores are not required for application review. However, Step II and Clinical Skills exams must be taken and passed before the start of internship.

Four letters of recommendation are requested--preferably two from medicine and two from pediatrics. One from each department should be from the Chair (or his/her designee), Program Director, or Clerkship Director.

For More Information

More detailed information regarding leave policy, professional liability insurance, health insurance, living quarters, on-call meals, uniform and uniform laundering, and visa requirements is provided in the UCSD Medical Center Terms and Conditions of Appointment on the Office of Graduate Medical Education website.

Information about UCSD policies and procedures, housestaff benefits, licensure and registration is available on the Office of Graduate Medical Education website. Sample documents: