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Alumni Members

Alex McMillan MD/PhD Rotation
Anita Hjelmeland Project Staff
Awad Jarrar Research Fellow
Bradley King Medical Student
Cathy Chang Medical Student (UIC)
Christie Eyler MD/PhD Student
Christopher Hubert, PhDPost-doctoral Fellow
No Headshot
Claudia Valentim, PhDPost-doctoral Fellow
Daniel Lubelski CCLCM Medical Student
David Schonberg PhDPost-doctoral Fellow
Dhvani Kothari Undergraduate (Case)
Emily Levy Undergraduate (Brandeis)
Erin Mulkearns-Hubert, PhDPost-doctoral Fellow
Fiorenza Lotti, PhDPost-doctoral Fellow
Hannah Zhou Medical Student
Hui Wang Graduate Student
No Headshot
Isabella Jamieson-Morris Volunteer
James Liu Neurosurgery Resident
Jay Liu Undergraduate (JCU)
Jennifer MacSwords Research Technologist Browse items located at the URL specified in the Location box.
Jialiang Wang Research Associate
Joe Gallagher Research Technician
John Heddleston Graduate Student
John Prokop Undergraduate (JCU)
Justin Lathia Research Associate
Kailin Yang, PhDPost-doctoral Fellow
Kamilla Jensen Research Technician
Kate Koch Undergraduate (MIT)
Kenneth Yan MD/PhD Student
Kumar Sukhdeo MD/PhD Student