What's New?

6/2019 Thrilled to have had the opportunity to present some of our lab's latest research at ISSCR 2019! Dr. Crews presented our exciting new work on liver regeneration in the Engineering Tissues and Organs Session.

6/2019 Congratulations to lab members Ashni Vora, Sruti Malay and Kylie Paul on graduating from UC San Diego, class of 2019! We celebrated with a lab lunch, San Diego style (tacos!).

6/2019 Congratulations to Crews lab member Kylie Paul for completing her BISP196 Honors Thesis, including a poster presentation at the Biology Research Showcase and a formal thesis paper!

4/2019 Congratulations to Crews lab member Ashni Vora on completing her final quarter of classes at UC San Diego! We are excited to have her staying in the lab full-time after graduation.

3/25/2019 Dr. Crews presented some of the lab's latest research at the UC San Diego Orthopaedic Surgery/Rheumatology Research Conference.

3/15/2019 Dr. Crews was honored to have the opportunity to co-organize the inaugural Poster Awards Competition at the Annual Division of Regenerative Medicine Symposium. Congratulations to all of the outstanding poster submissions and awardees!

12/1/2018 Dr. Crews and Phoebe Mondala (Jamieson Lab) presented our abstract, entitled "Genetic Modulation of Adenosine-to-Inosine RNA Editing Selectively Disrupts Inflammasome and Extracellular Matrix Genes in Multiple Myeloma" at the American Society of Hematology Annual Meeting 2018 in San Diego, CA. 

11/3/2018 The Crews Lab partnered up with the San Diego Multiple Myeloma Support Group to participate in the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society's Annual Light the Night Fundraiser here in San Diego. What a heart-warming experience to see all the support in the community for those whose lives have been affected by blood cancer! 

9/24/2018 Welcome to the lab, Kylie Paul!

7/1/2018 Welcome to our new students! We are excited to have 2 students joining us in the lab for the summer.

6/1/2018 Welcome to the lab, Sruti Malay!  

5/30/2018 Ashni Vora presented her poster at the Faculty Mentor Program Annual Symposium. Congratulations on a job well done, Ashni! 

5/5/2018 Dr. Crews and Ashni Vora attended UCSD's Undergraduate Research Conference where Ashni gave an oral presentation about her work and Dr. Crews served as a Faculty Moderator for the Panel on Molecular Biology and Regulation.

4/14/2018 Phoebe Mondala (Jamieson Lab) presented our abstract, entitled "Down-modulation of ADAR1-mediated GLI1 editing alters extracellular and immune response genes in multiple myelomaat the American Association for Cancer Research Annual Meeting 2018 in Chicago, IL. 

4/1/2018 The Crews Lab was awarded a pilot project grant through the UCSD Clinical and Translational and Research Institute (CTRI). The goal of this study is to elucidate the inflammation-responsive molecular mechanisms that promote malignant stem cell generation in multiple myeloma. To read more about the study, visit the 2018 ACTRI Pilot Project Recipients page. 

3/9/2018 The Crews Lab was excited to pariticipate in Sanford Consortium's Annual Division of Regenerative Medicine Symposium. 

3/2/2018 Dr. Crews was invited to speak at the Moores Cancer Center Hematology Retreat where she presented her talk, entitled "Inflammation-response pathways promote malignant regeneration in multiple myeloma".

2/22/2018 Dr. Crews presented a poster, entitled "Down-modulation of ADAR1-mediated GLI1 editing alters extracellular and immune response genes in multiple myeloma" at the Translational Oncology Symposium at Moores Cancer Center.

2/20/2018 Dr. Crews presented her research at the Inaugural Seminar of the Division of Regenerative Medicine Seminar Series (held at the Moores Cancer Center, Comer Commons at 9:30AM).

1/26/2018 Dr. Crews was invited to participate in the UCSD-NCLAM leadership training program. The ‚ÄčNational Center of Leadership in Academic Medicine, or NCLAM, is a professional development program aimed to help junior faculty to attain skills necessary for their career in the Health Sciences Departments. 

12/12/2017 We successfully presented our poster, entitled "ADAR1-Mediated GLI1 Editing Promotes Malignant Self-Renewal in Multiple Myeloma" at ASH (American Society of Hematology) 2017 in Atlanta, GA! There were many excellent presentations and it's so exciting to hear about more new myeloma therapies on the horizon.

12/4/2017 The Crews Lab is excited to announce the publication of a key new paper in multiple myeloma, out in Nature Communications. The team has worked diligently to develop new patient-derived models for multiple myeloma research and to identify molecular mechanisms of disease progression and drug resistance. See the UCSD press release here.

12/1/2017 The Crews Lab will be working with Dr. Catriona Jamieson's lab along with biochemist Dr. Michael Burkart, also at UCSD, on a project that was just selected to receive $2.7M in funding from CIRM to test a new potential therapy for AML. Congrats to the Jamieson and Burkart teams!

11/4/2017 The Crews Lab partnered with the San Diego Multiple Myeloma Patient Support Group to participate in the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society's Annual Light the Night event to show support for research on blood cancer to save lives.

Video Feature - Dr. Crews was featured on the homepage of The Science Network, speaking at the Annual Division of Regenerative Medicine symposium earlier this year about her work in multiple myeloma

***Student Research Opportunities Available Contact the Crews Lab for more information.***

10/9/2017 We were delighted to host the Annual Multiple Myeloma Patient Support Group Symposium at the Moores Cancer Center! Thank you to all who participated and attended, especially speakers Dr. Aaron Goodman and Christine Zoumas.

9/21/2017 Dr. Crews presented some of the lab's recent work at the Moores Cancer Center Fellows Networking meeting, 4pm @ Comer Commons

9/8/2017 Attended the 29th Annual Usha Mahajani Symposium on Molecular Medicine - many fantastic presentations on cancer heterogeneity and therapy resistance!

8/18/2017 Attended the Annual International Myeloma Foundation Patient and Family Seminar. So inspired and motivated after hearing the needs and challenges that multiple myeloma patients face today. I'm taking new ideas back to the lab with a mission to cure!