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Welcome to the Division of Regenerative Medicine

We are dedicated to delivering superb state-of-the-art clinical care and bringing the advancement of scientific research in regenerative medicine to the forefront of public and scientific spheres both locally and globally. We study vaccines, therapies, diagnostics, cures and research technologies to relieve human suffering from chronic disease and injury.


Recent news and advances:

Join us for our Inaugural Division of Regenerative Medicine Seminar Series.  Our first seminar will be held on February 20, 2018.  Check out the News and Events tab for a calendar of speakers.

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Congratulations to our team!  The California Institute For Regenerative Medicine announced on Friday December 1, 2017 that Catriona Jamieson, MD, PhD, and Dan Kaufman, MD, PhD, were awarded grants totaling about $8 million.See Press Release here.

The Division of Regenerative Medicine held its inaugural First Friday Social at Bella Vista Caffe on November 3, 2017. See photos from the event here

Congratulations to our Chief, Catriona Jamieson! She was honored on September 19, 2017 as the Koman Family Presidential Endowed Chair for Cancer Research. See some highlights from the event here

Meet Jeremy Rich, MD, MHS, MBA

Jeremy Rich, MD, MHS, MBA, has joined the Division of Regenerative Medicine as Professor of Medicine, Director of Neuro-Oncology and Director of the Brain Tumor Institute.

The goals of the Rich laboratory are to identify novel therapeutic paradigms in the treatment of advanced cancers, primarily malignant brain tumors, through the understanding of a stem cell-like phenotype found in many cancers and core signal transduction pathways amenable to pharmacologic targeting.  The aim is to seek to better understand the clinical relevance of cancer stem cells and the interaction with the tumor microenvironment and underlying genetic driver mutations in human cancers.

Dr. Rich also provides clinical care for patients afflicted with primary and metastatic nervous system cancers.


Meet Leslie Crews, PhD


Leslie Crews, PhD, has joined the Division of Regenerative Medicine as Assistant Adjunct Professor of Medicine.


The ongoing research in the Crews Laboratory aims to investigate the function of cancer stem cells in multiple myeloma progression and relapse.  In recent work, with the Jamieson laboratory, they have identified a role for inflammation responsive pathways in the acquisition of drug resistance and stem cell-like behavior of malignant cells in multiple myeloma.


​Mark your calendars for the 4th Annual UC San Diego Division of Regenerative Medicine Symposium to be held on Friday March 9, 2018.  Registration is free for Academia and the General Public. Registration is $250 for Industry Partcipants.

Location: Sanford Consortium for Regenerative Medicine                 

Keynote Speakers: Jane Visvader, PhD, Professor and Joint Division Head, Walter & Eliza Hall Institute for Medical Research and Carl June, MD, Professor of Immunotherapy, University of Pennsylvania.

Click here for information and to register.