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Current MARC Seminar Schedule

 The seminar will be held each week via zoom webinar and attendance is free. Join us by registering for our October seminars and our November seminars! A link to register for our December seminars will be available here at the end of November.

​Date​Speaker​Affiliation​Title of Lecture
​9/20/21​Alessandra Franco, Associate Professor
​Dept of Pediatrics
UC San Diego
​Unveiling a Defect in the Natural Regulatory T Cell Repertoire in Rheumatoid Arthritis​MARC
​Kip Kantelo, Director Office of IRB Admin
Chris Gerrity, Project Manager
​IRB Administration,
UC San Diego
​New eIRB System Demo​Ortho
​10/4/21​Roxana Coras, MD, PhD
​Dept of Medicine,
UC San Diego
​Trial of ITIS Diet to Improve RA and Impact on the Microbiome and Metabolome​Rheum
​10/11/21Angel Ordaz, MD​​Dept of Orthopedics, UC San Diego
​Paraspinal Muscle Health in Patients Undergoing Surgery for Lumbar Spine Pathology​Ortho
​Yu Yamaguchi, MD, PhD

Sanford-Burnham Prebys
Medical Research Institute, San Diego
Role of the Novel Cell Surface Hyaluronidase TMEM2 in Cell Behavior and Hyaluronan Homeostasis
​10/25/21​Kelsey Collins, Postdoctoral Research Scholar
​Washington University, St. Louis​Engineering Designer Adipose Tissue as a Novel Regenerative Therapeutic Approach for Osteoarthritis​Ortho
​11/1/21​Hao Sun, PhD,
Project Scientist
​Dept of Medicine, UC San Diego
An Alternative IL-2 Signaling Pathway Promotes Regulatory T Cell Function
​11/8/21​Sam Ward, Vice Chairman and Professor of Orthopedic Surgery
​Dept of Orthopedics, UC San Diego

Wu Tsai Performance Alliance

​11/15/21​Ming-Feng Hsueh, Assistant Professor
​Dept of Orthopedics, Duke University
Elucidating Cartilage Extracellular Matrix in Osteoarthritis- A Proteomic View
​11/29/21​Saeed Jerban, Assistant Project Scientist
​Dept of Radiology, UC San Diego
Quantitative MRI of Peripheral Nerve
​12/6/21​Charles KF Chan, Assistant Professor of Surgery
​Stanford School of Medicine
Looking at Aging through the Skeletal Stem Cell Lens
​12/13/21 ​Victor Barrere, Postdoctoral Scholar
​Dept of Orthopedics, UC San Diego
Quantitative Ultrasound of Peripheral Nerve ​Ortho