The Joint Bioinformatics and Computational Core

The Joint Bioinformatics and Computational (JBC) Core lowers the barriers between researchers and the bioinformatic analyses of their data. Bioinformatic data analysis is a powerful tool that can analyze multi-dimensional networks between genetic, epigenetic, and transcriptomic data. With the proper study design and bioinformatic analysis, researchers can gain a clearer picture of cellular mechanisms and disease pathogenesis. The JBC Core will work with researchers at every step of their experiments, from planning through interpretation and analysis of their multi-dimensional data sets to help users develop biologically meaningful insights from their data.
The Core staff includes both bioinformaticians and biologists. Focus areas of the Core include, but are not limited to, hierarchical clustering, determining differential epigenetic marks, DNA methylation analysis, disease-specific transcriptomes, integration of multiple “omics” datasets, pathway analyses, gene-gene interactions, and transcription factor analysis.
Integrative Analysis/Systems Biology
Senior Faculty Consult
Project Scientist Consult
Core Leadership & Contacts
Gary Firestein, MD, Core Co-Director
Wei Wang, PhD, Core Co-Director
Rizi Ai, PhD, Core Manager
Alex Funderburk, MARC Coordinator
Service Request
To request service, please e-mail the Core Manager with the details of your experiment.
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