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Dr. Lopez-Ramirez is an Assistant Professor at the UCSD School of Medicine. His research has been focused on studying the molecular and cellular mechanism that regulates the vasculature in health and disease. Dr. Lopez-Ramirez uses multidisciplinary approaches to better understand the biology of cardiovascular malformations and ultimately aid in the development of non-invasive therapies to prevent and/or ameliorate vascular dysfunction. During his MSc at CINVESTAV in Mexico, he received extensive training in Neurophysiology. While doing his PhD with Professor Nacho Romero at the Open University in United Kingdom, he investigated the role of inflammation-modulated microRNAs and signaling pathways in blood-brain barrier (BBB) dysfunction. During his training, he gained extensive experience in studying signaling pathways and analysis of gene expression in culture and mouse models. As a postdoc at Yale University, he expanded his skills in studying vascular network formation in living organisms and using zebrafish models to identify potential drug targets to ameliorate diseases that affect the cardiovascular system. He then joined Professor Mark H. Ginsberg laboratory at UCSD as a postdoc where he started his studies in cerebral cavernous malformation disease using multidisciplinary and highly collaborative environment by interacting with colleagues that span clinical medicine to structural and molecular biology.

   Current lab members

​Catherine ChinhChu Lai, BSc. Lab Assistant

​Eduardo Frias-Anaya, Ph.D., Postdoctoral

Wilma McLaughlin, Lab manager

​Maryum Haidari, BSc. UCSD-Student

Esau Estrada, BSc. Current; UCSD-Student

Lab Pictures:

Picture Lab 2019
Right to left: Preston Hale, Shady Soliman, Catherine C. Lai, Chelsea H. Ju Choi, Selina Chang, Riya Verma, Miguel A. Lopez-Ramirez
Picture Lab 2018
Left to right: Riya Verma, Preston Hale, Tiffany S. Shamas, Sara McCurdy, Miguel A. Lopez-Ramirez, Angela Pham. 


Previous lab members
Jonathan Pham, BSc. UCSD-Student (2016-2018). Current; Dental Student at Western University of  Dental Medicine.
Angela Pham, BSc. UCSD-Student (2016-2019). Lab Assistant, Current; Medical Student at UCI, School of Medicine.
Preston Hale, BSc. UCSD-Student (2017-2019). Lab Assistant, Current; Medical Student at Wayne State University, School of Medicine.
Arnold Babcock, BSc. UCSD-Student (2017-2018). Current; Nursing Assistant, Sharp Grossmont Hospital.
Selina Chang, BSc. UCSD-Student (2017-2018). Current; Internship Nursing Assistant , Palomar Medical Center   Escondido.
Shady Soliman, BSc, MSc. UCSD-Student (2018-2019). Current; Medical Student at UCSD, School of Medicine.
Riya Verma, BSc., MSc. UCSD-Student (2018-2020). Current; PhD program at University of Southern California.
Chelsea Hyun Ju Choi, BSc., MSc. UCSD-Student (2018-2020). Current; Medical Assistant at OB/GYN office.
Daniel Han, BSc. UCSD-Student (2019-2020).
Alyssa Castillo, BSc. UCSD-Student (2019-2020).
Tiffany S. Shamas, BSc. UCSD-Student (2017-2018)

Students from Summer Research Programs
Karen Aragon (Research adviser summer internship-ENLACE, 2018)
Dairy Mum (Research adviser summer internship-Harvey Mudd College, 2019)
Esau Estrada (Research adviser summer internship- CSACD, 2019)
Isaias Torres (Research adviser summer internship-STARS, 2018)
Catherine ChinhChu Lai (Research adviser summer internship-STARS, 2017)

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Combined BS/MS in Biology
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Postdoctoral Fellows
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