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Dr. Ru Liu Bryan

Dr. Ru Liu BryanDr. Ru Liu Bryan received her Ph.D in biochemistry and molecular biology at Imperial College London, UK, and completed her post-doctoral training in molecular and cellular biology in Cambridge University and the Burnham Institute. Dr. Bryan is a Professor of Medicine at UC San Diego. 

About the Lab

The Bryan lab investigates the molecular mechanisms of pathogenesis of gout and osteoarthritis focusing on innate immunity, immune-metabolism and cell signaling. We investigate how metabolic alterations and inflammation influence each other in the development and progression of these diseases.

Research Highlights

Recent findings: We have recently developed expertise in biology of AMP-activated protein kinase (AMPK), a nutritional and metabolic energy sensor, in cartilage homeostasis and OA. We have discovered that sustained AMPK activity in articular chondrocytes is critical for cartilage homeostatic balance, which provides a foundation to further explore therapeutic potential of targeted activation of AMPK signaling in limiting and/or delaying development and progression of OA. We have also found that pharmacologic activation of AMPK inhibits urate crystal-induced inflammation, and demonstrated that AMPK, at least in part, mediates beneficial effect of low dose colchicine for gout flare prophylaxis. 
Recent grant support: VA Merit Review, NIAIMS, Arthritis Foundation