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About Guma Lab

Dr Guma’s primary interest is to study mechanisms of chronic inflammation associated with inflammatory arthritis and to integrate this knowledge towards development of novel therapeutic interventions and biomarkers. More precisely, our research aims to understand metabolic changes in cells critical for rheumatoid arthritis and psoriatic arthritis pathogenesis, specially fibroblast-like synovioctyes and macrophages, which should lead to novel insights into disease mechanisms. These studies also offer a novel and additional approach for combination therapy independent of systemic immunosuppression. My research also aims to understand the role of circulating pro-inflammatory metabolites in synovial inflammation and how they change after interventions such as drugs or diet. Finally, biomarkers to stratify arthritic patients prior therapeutic intervention and to identify predictors of clinical outcome and response to therapy are still an unmet need. My interest is the study of noninvasive circulating or imaging biomarkers to identify patients at high risk for joint damage.
We also are interested in gaining a better understanding of relapsing polychondritis, a rare condition characterized by recurrent inflammation of cartilage, not only in joints but also in other tissues throughout the body.