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Mentorship Philosophy

We value each of our team members and strive to employ mentorship practices that foster their scientific and career growth.

This section was developed with critical input from Dr. Eric Matteson, Mayo Clinic (

Our mentorship philosophy is well summarized by this list of dos and don’ts (adapted from

Mentor Dos and Don'ts

  • ​Listen actively
  • Support and facilitate networking and brokering
  • Teach by example
  • Be aware of role conflict
  • Encourage and motivate mentee to move beyond their comfort zone
  • Promote independence
  • Promote balance
  • Rejoice in success and convey your joy
  • Encourage reciprocity
  • Learn from mistakes
  • ​Fix the problem
  • Take credit
  • Take over
  • Threaten, coerce or use undue influence
  • Lose critical oversight - allow friendship to cloud judgment
  • Condemn (mistakes or lack of agreement are not career altering disasters)

We also strive to avoid mentorship malpractice phenotypes, see this Table taken from a great JAMA 2016 paper by Drs. Vineet Chopra, Dana P. Edelson and Sanjay Saint (University of Michigan)

Here is another great publication by Drs. Vineet Chopra and Sanjay Saint (University of Michigan) with additional key important points for good mentorship that we strive to apply in our lab: