Laser Capture Microdissection Core

‚ÄčThe LCM Core provides operator-assisted laser capture of tissue regions or cells from histologically-stained sections of human or animal joints. LCM is a method by which specific tissue regions can be isolated from complex multi-tissue structures. Samples are prepared as histologically- or immunofluorescently-stained slides and visualized under the LCM microscope. The region of interest is selected and excised using an infrared (IR) or ultraviolet (UV) laser. This process can be repeated on the same prepared sample for the separate isolation of different tissue substructures or regions.

Our Core staff is available to assist members with every stage of their experiments, ranging from design consultation, slide preparation, microdissection, and macromolecule extraction from microdissected tissues.

Applied Biosystems ArcturusXT laser capture microdissection system
Nikon Ti-E microscope for imaging
UV and IR solid-state lasers for sample excision

Initial consultation up to 1 hr: free of charge Consultation and experimental design
Specimen sectioning
Slide staining (hematoxylin or cresyl violet)
Operator-assisted microdissection for established protocols
Collaborative operator-assisted establishment of new protocols (discounted rate)
RNA or DNA extraction from captured tissue
Closing report upon completion of experimental series

Service Request
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Core Leadership & Contacts
Nunzio Bottini MD, PhD, Co-Director
Stephanie Stanford, PhD Core Co-Director
Anna Belongia