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Hear from our Fellows!

The City

"In addition to being at a great training program, I find living in San Diego to be amazing! San Diego offers access to so many incredible landscapes including the beach, mountains, and desert. The city itself is also great, offering tons of breweries and concert venues. Living here makes for such a great fellowship experience." - Michelle Zhang

The Program

"What initially attracted me to UCSD was the balance between its strong clinical foundation, ongoing clinical investigations, and superb teaching. What made me love UCSD is the support from the program leadership to help me achieve my goals. I'm so fortunate to be at a program that embodies these three pillars yet allows individualization." - Erica Lin

The People

"As a trainee, I found it helpful that the program leadership, faculty and co-fellows were always supportive and provided a sense of community. Being able to get timely advice from mentors was key in shaping my career. The collegial environment throughout my fellowship played an important role in a smooth educational and work experience." - Abdur Husain

Clinical Training

"I choose to stay at UCSD due to the diverse patient population that we serve, from the underserved and immigrant population we have at our Hillcrest Medical Campus to the highly-specialized transplant, cancer, and mechanical circulatory support services we offer at our La Jolla Medical Campus." - Mazen Odish

Research Training

"Since expressing my interest in being a clinical researcher, I now have a team of mentors, completed a clinical trial, acquired multiple career development grants and am in regular contact with global leaders in the field. Our division is paying for CREST courses to bolster my research skillset." - Brandon Nokes

Medical Education

"There is a commitment to medical education that weaves its way through the faculty and fellows and is emphasized from the Chair of the Division to the most junior faculty members. I feel confident that after fellowship I can manage any problem that comes into the ICU or Pulmonary Clinic." - Cameron Mcguire