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The teaching responsibilities of the Division include medical students, pharmacy students, graduate students, postdoctoral scholars, and undergraduate students.

The chief teaching responsibility for medical and pharmacy students is the Pulmonary Block course in the first year. The Division has an important role in organizing the course, and its faculty teach the respiratory section of the course which includes lectures, discussion groups, laboratories, a clinical correlation session, and films. Other core course teaching for medical students includes Introduction to Clinical Medicine and the second year course Human Disease where the Division teaches pulmonary pathophysiology. The Division also contributes to elective courses including the course Development of Ideas in Physiology and Pharmacology. Medical students frequently spend periods in our laboratories, for example to do their Independent Study Projects.

The Division makes a major contribution to graduate student teaching. The Biomedical Sciences Graduate Program has three main areas: molecular biology, pharmacology and physiology. The Division is responsible for the main graduate student course on physiology. Division faculty members also participate in other graduate courses including some in the Bioengineering Ph.D. Program. Graduate students are welcome to do rotations and their thesis research in laboratories of the Division.

The Division has a strong commitment to training graduate students and all the areas of research described under Research Program are available. We are strongly committed to recruiting graduate students from minority groups that are underrepresented nationally in the biomedical sciences. Prospective students who would like information about the Biomedical Sciences Graduate Program should write to:

UCSD Biomedical Sciences Graduate Program
9500 Gilman Dr., 0685
La Jolla CA 92093-0685 USA
+1 (858) 534-3982; fax +1 (858) 534-0006

For information about the Bioengineering Ph.D. Program, write to:

UCSD Bioengineering Ph.D. Program
9500 Gilman Dr., 0412
La Jolla CA 92093-0412 USA
+1 (858) 534-4272; fax +1 (858) 534-5722 

The Division generally has several postdoctoral trainees from the United States and abroad. Training is chiefly through involvement in research projects, in conjunction with the faculty. Division seminars are held to discuss the progress of research and trainees are expected to present their research results at national meetings. A monthly journal club is held to discuss recent research relevant to the Division. Postdoctoral trainees have ample opportunities to attend clinical conferences, grand rounds, etc. if they wish.

Additional information about the postdoctoral training program can be obtained from Frank L. Powell, Ph.D.