Physiology Seminars

Seminars and Journal Club meetings are held Wednesdays from 3:00-4:00 PM
     **unless otherwise noted
BRF Room 4103 (Map)

Our seminars are open to all.  Please feel free to send this schedule to any colleague interested in attending.​​

Spring Quarter 2018

April 4
Vince Tedjasaputra, PhD
Department of Radiology, UCSD 
Pulmonary capillary blood volume response to exercise
in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
Elbehairy et al. (PDF)(link)
Tedjasaputra et al. (PDF)(link)
April 11
Lubo Zhang, PhD
Director, Center for Perinatal Biology, Loma Linda University
Fetal hypoxia and cardiac programming -- integrated omics approach
Xiong et al. (PDF)(link)
Chouchani et al. (PDF)(link)
Maier et al. (PDF)(link)
April 18
Xin Sun, PhD
 Departments of Pediatrics and Biology, UCSD
Consider the lung as a sensory organ
Noguchi et al. (PDF)(link)
Pan et al. (PDF)(link)
April 25
Experimental Biology Meeting - No Seminar
April 21-25, San Diego Convention Center
May 2
Leo Otterbein, PhD
Department of Surgery, Harvard Medical School 
Therapeutic benefit of heme oxygenase  
Center for Physiological Genomics of Low Oxygen (CPGLO) invited speaker
Otterbein et al. (PDF)(link)
Suliman et al. (PDF)(link)
Poss et al. (PDF)(link)
Llanos et al. (PDF)(link)
Yet et al. (PDF)(link)
May 9
 Brinda Rana, PhD
Department of Psychiatry, UCSD
Twins in space
Zwart et al. 2017 (PDF)(link)
Zwart et al. 2016 (PDF)(link)
May 16
Arlin Blood, PhD
Center for Perinatal Biology, Loma Linda University
Bioactivity of nitric oxide metabolites
Liu et al. 2018 (PDF)(link)
Liu et al. 2014 (PDF)(link)
May 23
 American Thoracic Society Meeting - No Seminar
May 18-23, San Diego Convention Center
May 30
American College Sports Medicine Annual Meeting - No Seminar
May 29-June 2, 2018, Minneapolis, Minnesota
June 6
  Richard Milner, MD, PhD

Department of Molecular Medicine
The Scripps Research Institute
Exploring a new angle for treating multiple sclerosis
Li et al. 2010 (PDF)(link)
Boroujerdi et al. 2013 (PDF)(link)