Tatum Simonson, PhD

Tatum Simonson, PhD 
Principal Investigator
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Esteban Moya, PhD
Project Scientist
Esteban is a Project Scientist interested on physiological responses to hypoxia in animal models and human populations living at high altitude. He obtained his PhD in Physiological Sciences at the P. Universidad Católica de Chile studying carotid body, cardiorespiratory, and oxidative responses in an animal model of obstructive sleep apnea. Currently, his interests include to understand the consequences of sustained hypoxia on the neuroplasticity occurring in the neurons and glial cells of the brainstem areas that control the ventilation in rodents. As well as the genetic and physiological basis for the control of breathing in human populations living at high altitude.

James Yu

James Yu, BS
PhD Student, Biomedical Sciences Graduate Program
James is a PhD student interested in identifying genetic, metabolic, and physiological variation in high-altitude populations that are adaptive in hypoxic (both chronic and intermittent) environments. He is interested in utilizing techniques and tools such as CRISPR, metabolomics, and hypoxic ventilatory response to investigate variation within these populations. He graduated from Duke University in 2016 and serves as a Medevac pilot in the Army Reserves.

Elijah Lawrence
Fourth year, Undergraduate Research Assistant
Eli is a Biochemistry and Cell biology major interested in how environmental, physiological, and cellular hypoxia affects exercise, adaptation, and disease, from a multi-omics approach. His interests include guitar, yoga, and hiking.

Wanjun Gu
Undergraduate Research Assistant
Wanjun is a UC San Diego fourth-year undergraduate student majoring in Chemical Engineering and Economics. He is interested in hypoxia physiology and population genomics. He is currently doing genomic, transcriptomic and metabolomic analysis on Tibetans, Han Chinese and Andeans.

William Wegeng
Undergraduate Research Assistant
Billy is a Physiology and Neuroscience major interested in the physiological adaptations to high altitude and how they affect exercise capacity and disease. He enjoys running and long walks on the beach.

Huayi (Adam) Zhao
Undergraduate Research Assistant
Adam is a Biochemistry and Cell Biology Major interested in the effects of intermittent hypoxia and sustained hypoxia on animals, especially mice and the application of these effects on exercise and different organ’s metabolic process such as liver. He enjoys playing pick-up basketball at rimac and collecting various shoes.

Caroline Gaeta
4th Year Undergraduate Research Assistant
Caroline is a Human Biology major studying hypoxia and epigenetic modifications such as DNA methylation. She is currently studying the methylation profiles in DNA samples collected from life-long residents in the Peruvian Andeans with and without Chronic Mountain Sickness (CMS).

Santiago Fassardi
3rd Year Undergraduate Research Assistant
Sago is a third year Molecular Biology major. He is interested in studying the genetic aspect of hypoxia and how certain genes and their mutations can lead to physiological changes seen in high altitude populations.

Ian Xu
Highschool Student
Ian is assisting with data analysis regarding oxygen transport in high-altitude populations.

Jialei Pan
Undergraduate Research Assistant

Mikael Fakhoury
Undergraduate Research Assistant

Yuejun (Flora) Han
Undergraduate Research Assistant
Flora recently graduated from UC San Diego with a major in Biochemistry and Cell Biology in 2019. She is interested in hypoxia physiology, CRISPR and immuno-oncology. She is very excited to explore the genetic and metabolic process towards hypoxia among high-altitude population.

Chang Han
Undergraduate Research Assistant
Chang Han is a student from UC Berkeley who just graduated in 2019. He is a student majoring in statistics and molecular & cell biology. He is interested in bioinformatics and biostatistics. He is very excited about researching hypoxia physiology and conducting sequence analysis. 

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Erica Heinrich, PhD   
Michael Tift, PhD

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Robby Boparai, BS    
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Lu Wu, BS 
Jeremy Sieker, BS  

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Christina Blaul
Matea Djokic
Gigi Yip
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Dean Tan
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Chetan Potu         
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Catie Boehmer 
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 Phoebe and Dudley

Congratulations and farewell to previous postdoctoral fellow Mike Tift, who has accepted an Assistant Professor position at the University of North Carolina, Wilmington!

Congratulations and farewell to previous postdoctoral fellow Erica Heinrich, who has accepted an Assistant Professor position at the University of California, Riverside School of Medicine!

Congratulations to Christina Blaul, recipient of the Society for Advancement of Chicanos/Hispanics and Native Americans in Science Travel Award!

​Congratulations to Wanjun Gu, University of Tokyo Research Internship Program 2018 Recipient!

Congratulations to Christina Blaul, Ledell Family Undergraduate Research Scholarship Recipient 2018! 

Congratulations to Eli Lawrence, Ledell Family Undergraduate Research Scholarship AND Chancellor's Research Excellence Scholarships (CRES) 2017 Recipient!                              

Congratulations to Eli Lawrence on his Palomar Pathmaker Internship!

Congratulations to Jialei Pan on getting into JHU MS in Chemical Engineering!