The People Who Made it Happen


John B. West, M.D., Ph.D., D.Sc., Professor
G. Kim Prisk, Ph.D., D.Sc., Professor
Harold J.B. Guy, M.D., Specialist
Ann R. Elliott, Ph.D., Specialist
Chantal Darquenne, Ph.D., Professor
A. Cortney Henderson, Ph.D., Assistant Professor
I. Mark Olfert, Ph.D., Assistant Professor


Janelle M. Fine, Hardware Development Engineer
Jeff Struthers, Electronics and Engineering Support
Trevor Cooper, M.Sc., Programmer Analyst 
Raoul Ludwig, Programmer Analyst
Robert Deutschman, Programmer Analyst
Gerald Kendrick, Electronics Technician
Mary Murrell, Administrative Assistant
Marsha Dodds, Administrative Assistant
Lisa Cooper (Hreha), Administrative Assistant
Elizabeth Swerda, Administrative Assistant

Postdoctoral Fellows

Rui Carlos Pereira De Sa, Ph.D., Post-doctoral fellow, Portugal
Anne-Marie Lauzon, Ph.D., Post-doctoral fellow, Canada
Liam Harrington, Ph.D., Post-doctoral fellow, UK
Baoshun Ma, Ph.D., Post-doctoral fellow, China
Caroline van Ertbruggen, Ph.D., Post-doctoral fellow, Belgium

Graduate and Undergraduate Students

Jessica Oakes Ph.D.,  Ph.D. Student
Marc Mackey, M.S., Masters Student
Amy Landis, Data Analyst
John Ludlow, Data Analyst