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Our Team of Co-Directors

Tatum Simonson, PhD -- Division of Physiology, Department of Medicine
High-altitude genomics and physiology

Epigenetics; social environmental consequences on long-term health

Frank Powell, PhD -- Division of Physiology, Department of Medicine
Physiological plasticity in the control of breathing

Atul Malhotra, MD -- Division of Pulmonary, Critical Care, & Sleep Medicine, Department of Medicine
Pathogenesis of sleep apnea

Diving physiology and behavior

Our multi-disciplinary team of participants is comprised of UC San Diego investigators from the Departments of Medicine, Anthropology, Bioengineering, Family Medicine and Public Health, and Scripps Institution of Oceanography in addition to other national and international research institutions. 

Our research draws upon natural experiments of environmental adaptation and population history to inform studies of biological variation and individualized prevention and treatment plans in the context of hypoxia-related disease. 

Our collaborative efforts provide major steps towards connecting the increasingly appreciated "one-size-fits-some" mentality across research in society, health and disease. 

The cross-campus community fostered by CPGLO provides further opportunity for training and development at UC San Diego along an innovative, interdisciplinary path.

CPGLO is supported by the UC San Diego Office of Research Affairs Frontiers of Innovation: Support for Center Development.