Robert Parmer

Dr. Robert Parmer's research includes both laboratory-based basic research and patient-oriented clinical investigation, and focuses on studies to better understand the pathophysiologic mechanisms underlying blood pressure regulation and hypertension. 

Clinical studies focus on autonomic and renal mechanisms of blood pressure regulation, including studies of sympathoadrenal and renal serine protease activity, sodium homeostasis, and renal hemodynamics in hypertension. Basic studies focus on the role of the plasminogen activation system in catecholaminergic/sympathoadrenal function and renal function. 

Recent studies have included the identification of a novel protein, Plg-RKT, an integral transmembrane protein that serves as a major plasminogen receptor on various cell types and tissues, and which markedly accelerates activation of plasminogen to the active protease plasmin.

A full list of Dr. Parmer's publications can be found here through PubMed.

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