Ravindra Mehta

​Dr. Mehta has a long standing interest and experience in AKI and CRRT and has directed several clinical studies with ongoing research projects involving various aspects of AKI and critical care nephrology. These are focused on the evaluation of unique biomarkers in AKI, genomic determinants of drug induced nephrotoxicity, and international registry of AKI in the ICU setting that is actively enrolling patients. We have recently completed an international study evaluating the feasibility of an educational and training program to identify and manage AKI in rural community settings in Bolivia, Malawi, and Nepal. We have developed different risk scores to predict AKI and are working on algorithms for predictive analytics to provide timely initiation and management of extra corporeal organ support. Dr. Mehta serves as the site PI for the NIDDK funded UAB-UCSD O'Brien Center for AKI research that provides resources for investigators for clinical and basic research projects.

A full list of Dr. Mehta's publications can be found here through PubMed.

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