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Nephrology Services

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Outpatient Clinics


When you become a patient in our UCSD Nephrology clinic, our goal is to continually provide exceptional care to meet your health care needs. Our nephrologists (kidney doctors) will help guide you along each aspect of your medical care. Our board-certified physicians are savvy in all aspects of kidney diseases, including diabetic kidney disease, hypertension, glomerular diseases such as lupus nephritis and IgA nephropathy, nephrotic syndromes such as minimal change disease, FSGS and membranous nephropathy. We care for patients with complex cardiac diseases, solid organ transplant recipients and infectious diseases such as HIV and hepatitis.

Our chronic kidney disease patients will surely benefit from the most up to date literature regarding management of kidney disease and delaying the progression of your disease. You may have opportunities to participate in research opportunities if you feel it fits your needs. We continually collaborate with your other physicians at UCSD to personalize your care. Similarly, using UCSD’s MyChart portal, you can communicate with all of your physicians directly while accessing your latest tests and requesting medications quickly and efficiently.

Our commitment is is to allow you to establish a relationship with a physician that you can trust. Our nephrology clinics are located throughout the San Diego county and we continue to expand in order to reach out to our local community. Currently our on-site clinic locations are in Hillcrest at Medical Offices South (MOS) next to UCSD Medical Center and in La Jolla at Perlman Outpatient Pavillion next to Jacobs Medical Center.

Inpatient Services

We provide consultative nephrology care for admitted patients in all of our hospitals in every inpatient location (Hillcrest and La Jolla). UC San Diego is a regional referral base for trauma, burn, and organ transplant. We have a robust cardiology program and the nation’s leading pulmonary thromboembolic surgery program. Add in a busy obstetrics service, the regions only NCI-designated Comprehensive Cancer Center, our comprehensive primary care program for patients with HIV in the Owens Clinic, and the busiest international boarder in the world and you are guaranteed a diverse and complex inpatient experience. Our past and present speak to our focus on inpatient dialysis care: we developed citrate anticoagulation for CRRT and provide all inpatient dialysis services with a dedicated team of nurses who are all UC San Diego employees. Collaborative care delivered by an entire UC San Diego team advances our mission to providing our patients the best care possible.



UCSD's Therapeutic Apheresis Unit is one of the largest apheresis programs in the country, performing over 5200 procedures per year, largely on an outpatient basis. We are the only outpatient center in San Diego county that offers all available apheresis treatments, including: therapeutic plasma exchange (plasmapheresis), extracorporeal photopheresis, red blood cell exchange, LDL apheresis (a selective immunoadsorption technique), white blood cell reduction (leukapheresis), platelet reduction (thrombocytapheresis), stem cell collection (hematopoietic progenitor cell collections), and immune effector cell collections (CAR-T cell therapies). Our nephrology fellows are involved in all inpatient apheresis cases at the UCSD Hillcrest and La Jolla locations, and receive dedicated apheresis teaching during rounds at our outpatient facility. Additionally, UCSD hosts an annual CME 2.5 day conference entitled Essentials and Advances in Apheresis Therapies, which completed its 8th successful year in 2020. Our unit has been recognized by the American Society for Apheresis in their "Institution Spotlight" for our patient care efforts, our dedication to teaching apheresis providers, as well as our commitment to using peripheral access for apheresis whenever possible, which we typically achieve in >65% of our outpatient treatments, and up to 25% of our inpatient apheresis procedures. Our services support the health of patients with a variety of conditions, including neurologic, hematologic, transplant, rheumatologic and renal related conditions.


UC Chronic Dialysis Center operates four shift a day in order to accommodate patients at various times of a day including early morning and late evening. Our center is directly connected to the hospital and emergency room, and there is always a physician on site. Patients are being seen by their kidney doctor on average once a week (four times a month) while receiving dialysis. Our multidisciplinary team includes a dietician, social worker and pharmacist with a goal to provide the most comprehensive care possible. We offer unique services like exercise while on dialysis (biking) and seasonal massage and acupuncture therapy. We provide med to chair program, which means that you can have all your medications refilled and delivered to you while you are receiving dialysis. Our dialysis unit consistently receives five stars ranking for quality of care delivered and patient's experience.

Peritoneal and Home Dialysis: With a faculty dedicated to empowering patient choice in dialysis modality we provide home dialytic options through multiple partners in San Diego. We provide peritoneal dialysis care at several community sites for a growing number of patients, currently numbering over fifty. These patients are seen by faculty and fellows to strengthen our commitment to training new nephrologists with familiarity and comfort in the care of peritoneal dialysis patients. We also provide home hemodialysis and staff-assisted home hemodialysis for those who cannot perform peritoneal dialysis but can still thrive outside of in-center hemodialysis. Shared-decision making underpins patient success in the management of their ESKD and we are committed to providing patients options that fit with their lifestyle, plans, and goals.

Outreach Hemodialysis: The purpose of the community dialysis outreach program is for patients to stay connected to their UC San Diego healthcare team when going to dialysis. Dialysis usually lasts several hours a day, three days a week, and so it is understandable that many patients choose to dialyze close to their homes at one of the dialysis units available in the community. As part of the community outreach dialysis program, a nephrologist (kidney doctor) from UC San Diego travels to the patients and visits them at dialysis. This helps patients ensure their care is being coordinated. For example, if a medication needs to be refilled at UC San Diego, the nephrologist can do this at dialysis. The nephrologist can also order tests and talk to patients’ other healthcare providers from UC San Diego. Our goal is for patients to feel confident that their UC San Diego healthcare team knows what is happening at dialysis, and vice versa. UC San Diego nephrologists travel to dialysis units between Escondido and San Ysidro, as far east as El Cajon.

Kidney Transplant


UC San Diego Health has the largest kidney transplant program in San Diego with more than 3,200 kidney transplants performed since 1968. As the leading academic medical center in the region, UC San Diego Health’s program provides the most comprehensive array of care options for patients who receive kidney transplants, including leading-edge surgical techniques, minimally invasive robotic surgery for living donors and innovative immunosuppression treatments. We also consider transplant candidates over age 70 and offer steroid avoidance for many patients.

The UC San Diego Health kidney transplant program partners with the National Kidney Registry's Paired Exchange Program as a Donor Care Network Center of Excellence, to allow living kidney donors who are not blood or tissue compatible with their recipient to "exchange" their kidney with a donor who is compatible or for a recipient whose donor is located remotely.

The kidney transplant clinics are located at 4510 Executive Drive in La Jolla. We also offer an outreach clinic in Rancho Mirage at 39000 Bob Hope Drive for new kidney transplant recipient evaluations and at Kaiser Viewridge at 5251 Viewridge Court for the post-transplant care of Kaiser members.