National Conferences


The AKI&CRRT Conference provides a comprehensive coverage of the rapidly developing field of Critical Care Nephrology, AKI and CRRT. It highlights the recent advances in our understanding of pathophysiology of critical illness, acute kidney injury, emerging strategies in the management of sepsis, multiorgan failure, development and use of biomarkers, technical advances in CRRT and the appropriate utilization of these techniques. A multidisciplinary international faculty cover the topics through a mix of invited lectures, pro-con debates, interactive workshops, tutorials, poster sessions and panel discussion.

Essentials and Advances in Apheresis Therapies

Nephrology for the Consultant

"Nephrology for the Consultant" is an annual conference established in 1981 that is designed for the practicing nephrologist.  Content experts are invited from throughout the country to speak on topics commonly encountered in and relevant to clinical nephrology.  Such topics include acute kidney injury, end stage kidney disease, glomerular disease, electrolyte disorders, and transplantation.  Accompanying this conference is the Young Investigators Forum, which serves as an opportunity for nephrology fellows to share their exciting research.

Rodent Kidney Physiology/Injury Workshop

This annual workshop is held on the UCSD campus.  Led by Dr. Volker Vallon, faculty from UCSD and UAB organize an annual workshop designed to practice animal handling and phenotyping techniques for commonly used methods to study kidney function in the rat and mouse.  The format includes lectures (about 2 hours a day), demonstrations and hand-on practical training (about 6 hours a day).  Participants receive a detailed workshop folder including all workstation handouts and lecture slides. This workshop is limited to 9 participants for the maximum interaction and time for training.  The 10th workshop will be held in March 30 to April 3, 2020, just before Experimental Biology, which will also take place in San Diego. Please contact Dr. Vallon ( for further information.

Previous participants include; graduate students, postdocs, research assistants, research associates, scientists, and faculty from 52 institutions from 11 countries (Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Czech Republic, Denmark, Japan, Nigeria, Puerto Rico, Switzerland and the USA.)

Some comments from recent workshops: “course was well organized with very knowledgeable instructors and highly skilled technicians”; “instructors were extremely helpful and patient in explaining each technique”; “extremely hands-on experience allowing for full understanding of the subject matter”; “there was ample time in each lab session to both get the hands-on experience and discuss theory pertaining to the experiment”; “the small groups were very amenable to close contact and feedback with the instructors as well as making new relationships”; “you get to see it’s not so difficult as it sounds”; “for the FITC sinistrin it was nice to see how simple and efficient assessing GFR is”; “I did not have any surgery skills prior to this workshop and by the end I not only see the need for having this skill but also I am now very interested in including whole body physiological experiments in my future studies”; “the micropuncture experiments were so exciting”; “assistance/education in both practical aspects of experiments as well as analysis”; “this course reignited my passion for research and at the same time provided me new techniques & perspectives to ask new and different questions relating to my work”;  “the professionalism, collegiality, and hospitality were extraordinary”; “it was a fantastic experience that gave me a unique opportunity to network, learn new techniques, and improve some of the skills I was already familiar with. But equally important, the lectures and intellectual conversations were quite stimulating and thought provoking“; “I strongly recommend this course. It caused a huge jump in my understanding as well as my interest in this field”; “the dynamic discussions, inclusions and diversity of the participants were wonderful”; “it was an extra ordinary experience, way beyond my expectations and it was great to be connected to such a wonderful team”; “it was a great networking opportunity”.
If you are interested please contact Volker Vallon (; Faculty) and cc to Ruben Figueroa (; Workshop Coordinator). For more detailed information on the program please see attachment or visit our website