Bruce Hamilton Laboratory Genetics Research at UC San Diego

We are interested in genetic architectures and genomic responses in brain development, neurological disorders, and neural control of blood pressure regulation. Recent work has focused on modifier genes and gene networks in mouse models, with particular emphasis on therapeutic range in genetic titration experiments.

Hamilton Lab Research

Selected Publications

  1. Concepcion D, Flores-Garcia L, and Hamilton BA (2009) Multipotent genetic suppression of retrotransposon-induced mutations by Nxf1 through fine-tuning of alternative splicing. PLoS Genetics 5(5): e1000484.
  2. Wen G, Wessel J, Zhou W, Ehret GB, Rao F, Stridsberg M, Mahata SK, Gent PM, Das M, Cooper RS, Chakravarti A, Zhou H, Schork NJ, O'Connor DT, and Hamilton BA. (2007) An ancestral variant of Secretogranin II confers regulation by PHOX2 transcription factors and association with hypertension. Hum. Mol. Genet. 16, 1752-64.
  3. Alcaraz WA, Gold DA, Raponi E, Gent PM, Concepcion D, and Hamilton BA (2006) Zfp423 controls proliferation and differentiation of neural precursors in cerebellar vermis formation. Proc. Natl. Acad. USA 103, 19424-19429.
  4. Concepcion D, Seburn KL, Wen G, Frankel WN, and Hamilton BA (2004) Mutation rate and predicted phenotypic target sizes in ENU-treated mice. Genetics 168, 953-959
  5. Wen G, Mahata SK, Cadman P, Mahata M, Ghosh S., Mahapatra NR., Rao F, Stridsberg M, Smith DW, Mahboubi P, O'Connor DT, and Hamilton BA (2004) Both rare and common polymorphisms contribute functional variation at CHGA, a regulator of catecholamine physiology. Am. J. Hum. Genet. 74, 197-207.
  6. Gold DA, Baek SH, Schork NJ, Rose DW, Larsen DD, Sachs BD, Rosenfeld MG and Hamilton BA (2003) RORalpha coordinates reciprocal signaling in cerebellar development through sonic hedgehog and calcium-dependent pathways. Neuron 40, 1119-1131.
  7. Floyd JA, Gold DA, Concepcion D, Poon TH, Wang X, Keithley E, Chen D, Ward EJ, Chinn SB, Friedman RA, Yu H-T, Moriwaki K, Shiroishi T, and Hamilton BA (2003) A natural allele of Nxf1 suppresses retrovirus insertional mutations. Nature Genetics 35, 221-228.
  8. Hamilton BA and Frankel WF (2001) Of Mice and Genome Sequence (Minireview). Cell 107, 13-16.

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