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Academic Partners


Center for Phage Technology at Texas A&M

As the only state-funded phage research institute in the United States, the CPT is dedicated to be a world leader in advancing phage therapy in the modern world. Learn more about how we move the field forward with both basic and applied research.


Rowher & Wegley Kelly Lab at San Diego State University

Their research is focused around understanding the interactions between the microbial world and coral reefs, and how these systems change following perturbation. 

They are currently investigating the dynamics of bacteria, phage, and eukaryotic viruses in the respiratory tracts of individuals with and without Cystic Fibrosis (CF). Characterization of viral communities coupled with microbial transcriptomics and viral metagenomics will allow a better understanding of how the unique environment of the CF airway drives microbial and viral specialization and vice versa.


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The Center for Nano-ImmunoEngineering

In collaboration with their industry partners, they develop bio-inspired materials and technologies to activate, program, and reinstate optimal immune system function.

Their research portfolio, which extends from basic science to translational research, includes: 
  • Nanoparticles that go undetected
  • Enhanced immune responses
  • Plant viruses and phages for human health
  • Vaccine patches and delivery systems
  • Materials science
  • Immuno engineering
  • Computational and analytical immunology