What is Phage Therapy?

Phages, formally known as bacteriophages, are viruses that solely and selectively target and kill bacteria. They are common in presence, and have been shown to effectively fight off and kill multi-drug resistant bacteria. In other words, when all antibiotic medication failed, bacteriophages could still succeed in killing the bacteria before the infection could kill the person.

The main concern now, is the alarming rate of increasing 'superbugs' that are resistant to nearly all, if not all, antibiotics as well as the impact that will have on the health and longevity of human life. These issues combined with the FDA's lack of regulation to approve the process of phage therapy for anything less than an absolute, no-alternative emergency pose a serious concern for us. We hope that with our work here at IPATH, we can make the treatment more widely available to save lives that no other treatment could.


How Phages Work

The YouTube channel "Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell" explains how bacteriophages infect and destroy in this colorful animated video:



Check out our clinical site on Phages and Phage Therapy here to learn more and watch some informative videos.