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Patient Stories

One for the Phages: Kidney Transplant Patient with Recurring Infections Gets Viral Help

Watch IPATH patient, Maria Madrigal, share her experience with phage therapy at UC San Diego. Available in Spanish or English.


Phage Treatment Saves A Life

Watch the story of Dr. Tom Patterson, a UC San Diego professor and husband of Dr. Steffanie Strathdee who was saved using phage therapy (featuring Drs. Strathdee and Schooley, co-directors of IPATH):




TEDx Talk

Dr. Strathdee explains the collaborative effort it took to save her husband (Dr. Patterson) at TEDxNashville:




Turning A Phage

Meet Mr. Joel Grimwood. Phage therapy allowed him to recover from a chronic bacterial disease and successfully receive a new heart. In this video, Mr. Grimwood and Dr. Saima Aslam discuss his phage therapy treatment at UC San Diego: