Translational Research in Bacteriophage Therapies Seminar Series

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Each month, UC San Diego's IPATH and San Diego State University's Viral Information Institute will invite speakers with unique bacteriophage knowledge to speak on how research can be translated from the bench to the bedside. The seminar series will alternate each month between UC San Diego and San Diego State University campuses. There will also be online viewing available of the seminars.

  • The fourth Wednesday of each month at 3:00PM
  • Location will alterante every month, between UC San Diego and San Diego State University
  • To join the seminar series email list, SIGN UP HERE

August Seminar:

Speaker: Katrine Whiteson, PhD

Title: What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger: Coevolution of bacteriophages infecting Enterococcus from the human microbiome

  • Location: San Diego State University (room TBD)
  • Date: Wednesday, August 28th, 2019 
  • Time: 3:00PM (PST)
  • Light refreshments will be provided

Visitor parking is available in Parking Structure 12. Please see map below. 

Seminar flyers:

 Parking Structure 12: 

parking structure 12 map


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