Translational Research in Bacteriophage Therapies Seminar Series

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Each month, UC San Diego's IPATH and San Diego State University's Viral Information Institute will invite speakers with unique bacteriophage knowledge to speak on how research can be translated from the bench to the bedside. The seminar series will alternate each month between UC San Diego and San Diego State University campuses. 

  • The fourth Wednesday of each month at 3:00PM
  • Location will alterante every month, between UC San Diego and San Diego State University
  • To join the seminar series email list, SIGN UP HERE

January Seminar

Speaker: Paul Bollyky, MD, D.Phil 

Title: Tri-kingdom interactions between bacteria, bacteriophage, and humans in chronic infections  

Location: Donald P. Shiley Bioscience Center, Gold Auditorium (first floor), San Diego State University 

Date/Time: January 29th, 2020 at 3:00 PM (PST)

Seminar flyers:

Parking at UC San Diego:

Osler Parking Strucutre will be the closest parking available. 

Paying for parking: Visitor parking permits can be purchased at pay stations or though the app ( Visitor permits are allowed in "V" and "S" spots.

Parking at San Diego State University:

The closest parking structures are 1 and 12. The seminar will be about a 7 minute walk from each structure. A map with the seminar location (red star) and parking structures (red boxes) indicated is below. Please keep in mind that visitors can only park in spots marked as visitor (V) or student (S). Either of these parking structures can be routed to within mobile maps, such as Google Maps. They should come up as "SDSU Parking Structure 12" and "Parking Structure 1, San Diego, CA 92115"

Paying for parking:

  • The PayByPhone app is the easiest to use:
    • Can be used to pay for parking in both structures (1 and 12)
  • Pay station: there is one located in the parking structure 12, but not in 1
    • You will need your license plate number when paying at the station


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