EMERGE: Evidence-based Measures of Empowerment for Research on Gender Equality

In 2017, UN Women reported that there are few to no measures for 80% of indicators aimed at Sustainable Development Goal (SDG)5: Gender Equality and Empowering all Women and Girls. That same year the EMERGE project was funded to address the gap by compiling and reviewing gender equality and empowerment (GE/E) measures used in health and development research (access via www.emerge.ucsd.edu). GEH researchers categorize measures by GE/E dimension and psychometric properties. Information is also included in terms of measure items, scoring procedure, sampled populations, and citation use. Development and piloting of novel GE/E measures is supported through partnerships with multi-disciplinary scientists and survey researchers in India. For additional details, please visit the EMERGE site. 

*Funded by The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

Selected Publications
EMERGE Learnings Report 1: Learnings from International Scoping Meetings on Quantitative Measurement of Gender Equality and Empowerment

EMERGE Learnings Report 2: Findings from Workshop and Scoping Meetings on Gender Equality and Empowerment Measurement in India

EMERGE Learnings Report 3: Findings from Interviews with Experts in India on Quantitative Measurement of Gender Equality and Empowerment

EMERGE Project Report: Theoretical and Definitional Basis for Identification of Measures of Gender Equality and Empowerment

Primary Investigator
Anita Raj, PhD

Project Director
Namratha Rao

Where We Work
  • South Asia
Related Work
  • Gender Empowerment