Spousal Violence and HIV in India- Epidemiologic Study and the RHANI Wives Intervention Evaluation

We conducted some of the first research documenting the intersection of HIV and IPV (intimate partner violence) with a representative sample of adults in India. This research documented that abusive male partners were more likely to heavily drink, go to female sex workers and be HIV and STI-infected, relative to non-abusive husbands. We developed the RHANI Wives Intervention, an HIV prevention program for women contending with husbands’ spousal violence and heavy alcohol use in Mumbai slums characterized by high rates of HIV. A two-armed randomized controlled trial evaluating RHANI Wives demonstrated significant reductions in unprotected marital sex and significant improvements in marital condom use among intervention participants relative to control condition participants. A reduction in marital discord and sexual coercion among intervention participants was also observed.
*Funded by the National Institutes of Health, the Indian Council on Medical Research and other grants.



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Primary Investigator
Anita Raj, PhD

Jennifer B. Yore

Where We Work
  • South Asia