Involving Men in IPV Reduction

Designing a gender-transformative intervention to involve men and boys in the prevention of intimate partner violence against women and girls in rural Uganda

This study seeks to design an evidence-based intervention framework for successfully engaging Ugandan boys and men in programming that addresses violence against women and girls and aims to reduce men's perpetration of violence and lead to sustained transformation of social norms surrounding gender and masculinity. Our goal is to create a framework that can be used to increase men's involvement in programs that promote women's health and reduce IPV.

This project is being conducted collaboratively by researchers from the University of California San Diego's Division of Global Public Health, Center on Gender Equity and Health and the Rakai Health Sciences Program (RHSP) of Uganda. Through secondary analysis of longitudinal data collected in Rakai on violence against women, qualitative interviews, and original intervention framework development, this study addresses the gaps in our research and intervention design for addressing violence perpetration by men and boys. The aims of this study are to identify the determinants of male IPV perpetration and the barriers to engaging men and boys in efforts to prevent violence against women and girls in Rakai; to assess norms surrounding gender and masculinity; and to develop a framework for a gender-transformative intervention to reduce male perpetration of IPV. The evidence-based framework to be designed as a result of this study will be implemented and evaluated via future, larger-scale studies.
* Funded by Medical Research Council South Africa/ Sexual Violence Research Institute

Related Publications:

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Primary Investigator
Jennifer Wagman, MHS, PhD

Luwam Kidane 

Where We Work
  • Africa
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  • Gender-based Violence & HIV