Highlighting the Importance of Getting Help while Living in Traumatic Environments

The overall goal of this pilot study is to understand how to identify potentially lethal and severe relationship violence and facilitate safety planning among stimulant-using women in currently abusive relationships. We will quantitatively and qualitatively administer the Danger Assessment, a tool designed to assess the likelihood of being killed or nearly killed by an abusive partner, to 30 women. This will allow us to understand how the Danger Assessment may or may not capture potentially dangerous situations in environments where intimate partner violence and drug use co-occur. Understanding the application of the Danger Assessment to facilitate safety planning among abused drug-using women is critical for the development of an HIV risk reduction intervention that has a secondary goal of increasing awareness and safety of potentially lethal relationships.
*Funded by the HIV Intervention Science Training Program, Columbia University

Primary Investigator
Jamila Stockman, PhD

Where We Work
  • United States