Family Planning-based Partner Abuse and Reproductive Coercion Intervention to Reduce Unintended Pregnancy in Kenya (ARCHES Kenya)

Previous research has identified that experiences of IPV/SA are consistently associated with poor reproductive health outcomes, particularly adolescent and unintended pregnancy. Two NIH-funded cluster randomized control trials (RCT's) of the ARCHES (Addressing Reproductive Coercion in HEalth Settings) model in the U.S., for which data collection has recently finalized, have demonstrated reduced incidence of RC from male partners, increased self-efficacy of female FP clients to reduce their risk of unintended pregnancy and IPV, as well as increased knowledge and use of community-based IPV resources. ARCHES is designed to be implemented within routine family planning, maximizing the feasibility and sustainability of this program across multiple contexts. Currently, Dr. Silverman is leading a study, in collaboration with International Planned Parenthood Federation and funded by USAID, to adapt and evaluate the ARCHES model for the Kenyan family planning context.

This study seeks to adapt and pilot this intervention model in the Kenyan family planning context so as to provide initial assessment of acceptability, feasibility, and preliminary indications of efficacy in this high-need LMIC context. Formative research with family planning providers, clinical managers, family planning clients, and survivors of IPV is being conducted to inform the adaptation of the ARCHES model. The resulting ARCHES Kenya model will then be tested in a pilot evaluation involving four clinics in Nairobi, Kenya.

ARCHES Brief.pdf November 2016


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Primary Investigator
Jay Silverman, PhD

Nicole Carter

Where We Work
  • Africa
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  • Family Planning and Maternal-Child Health