GEH Doctoral Student Appointed Women's Health, Gender, and Empowerment Student Ambassador

Congratulations to Brittnie Bloom for being appointed as a Women's Health, Gender, and Empowerment Student Ambassador! Brittnie is a first year Global Health PhD student in the Joint-Doctoral Program through UCSD and SDSU. Brittnie is proud to be the first in her family to attend college and is a product of both the CSU- and UC- systems, as she received her bachelor’s degree as a McNair Scholar from SDSU in Psychology and her Master’s of Science in Public Health from UCLA.

Tata Institute for Genetics and Society Advances with Building Naming, Inaugural Chair Holders

 September 13, 2017

 We are proud to announce that Dr. Anita Raj has been named one of the four recipients of the Tata Chancellor's Endowed Professorship in Medicine, at UCSD! Dr. Raj's work will help develop social, behavioral, and public health scientists in India in the areas of measurement and evaluation, epidemiology, and social behavioral theories and their application to public health.


Sex Trafficking, Child Marriages Linked, Study of Mexico Finds

 May 26, 2017

Three out of four girls trafficked in the region were married at a young age, mostly before age 16, according to Mexican and U.S. researchers in a yet-unpublished study.


UCSD School of Medicine Working to End Violence Against Women Worldwide

January 12, 2017

In a recent Washington, D.C meeting, policy makers and researchers came together with the Center on Gender Equity and Health at the UCSD School of Medicine to lend their ideas to the issues women and girls face globally. This event was held to commemorate a recent $1.6 million grant that was awarded to the Center on Gender Equity (GEH) and Health from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation (BMGF) to be used to improve the rigorous measurement of violence against women and girls worldwide. BMFG funds will also go towards supporting a new GEH office in India, as well as allowing opportunities to train UCSD students on multidisciplinary research.



La Jolla Student to be Honored as 'Champion of Change' at White House Event

April 12, 2016

Meghan Yap is being recognized for her efforts to address sexual assault issues at UC San Diego


World Bank Group, SVRI Give Awards for Innovations to Prevent Gender-Based Violence

April 12, 2016

Drs. Jamila K. Stockman, Kiyomi Tsuyuki, Jennifer Wagman, and Paul Fleming receive awards from the World Bank and Sexual Violence Research Initiative for Innovations to Prevent Gender-based Violence.



Healthline examines where Clinton, Sanders, Trump, Cruz, Rubio and Kasich stand on abortion, Planned Parenthood, birth control and family leave

March 14, 2016

Women's health has taken center stage in the 2016 presidential election.


The Underreported Epidemic of HIV Among U.S. Women. Healthline News

February 11, 2016

Poverty stigma, and violence are among the barriers faced by women infected with HIV.


More Than One-Fourth of Female Sex Workers in Northern Mexican Cities Enter Sex Trade As Minors.

7 San Diego, August 4, 2015

One in four female sex workers in two Mexican cities on the U.S. border entered the sex trade younger than age 18; one in eight before their 16th birthday. Dr. Silverman, Brouwer, Servin, and Raj, authors of a recent publication in the Journal of the American Medical Association, reported that these women were more than 3x more likely to become infected with HIV and to be violently coerced to engage in sex with male clients than those who started sex work as adults.


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