Wound Clinic

The Wound Clinic is a mobile clinic based in Tijuana, Mexico focused on providing humanitarian medical care for the homeless and poorest communities in the US-Mexico Border.
 Our efforts  are to raise awareness among the local and international community about the implications of structural violence in Tijuana’s society specially the poor and underserved.
 The wound clinic not only provide service to the community but also serves as an opportunity for UCSD students to learn about the communities and frontline physicians the importance of compassion, solidarity and good medical practice. By learning the different aspects and needs from this population the students gain experience to enrich medical education in primary care and public health for the poor and underserved communities.

Needed Supplies

  1. Field work and Medical Equipment:  Folding plastic chairs, Folding tables, tent or gazebo, organization plastic boxes (for med supplies), welch allyn disposable probe covers, disposable ear specula, sharp containers, red bags, glucometer and glucometer strips, lancets, rapid tests  (hiv,  pregancy, ua strips)
  2. Medicines: topical and oral antibiotics, antifungal (oral, topical) antiinflammatory and analgesics (oral), eye drops (antibiotics and natural tears,) permethrin cream or ivermectin oral. antidiarrheal meds, tums or antiacids, allergy or cold meds.
  3. Glucometer, glucometer strips, syringes (5 and 10 cc), insuline syringes 100 ui, hand sanitazer
  4. Wound Care:   betadine swabs, solution, foam, saline solution,  sterile gause, gauze pads, packing gauze, non adherent petrolatum dressings,  tegaderm  injectable lidocaine, disposable suture kits, tegaderm, micropore surgical tape (all sizes welcome)
  5. Other supplies: Oral hidration (gatorade powder or bottles, granola bars, ensure, personal first aid kits, toiletries, socks, tennis shoes, lip balm
  6. Rinse Kite (Portable shower, please see link  http://www.rinsekit.com/, or individual camping shower.

If you are interested on how to volunteer or would  like more information please contact Dr. Patricia Gonzalez-Zuniga by email:  woundclinic@gmail.com.
To support the Wound Clinic: https://www.generosity.com/medical-fundraising/tijuana-wound-clinic-fundraiser/