Working Groups

Curriculum Development

This working group acts as a guiding body to determine what global health-related courses and degree programs are lacking and should be a priority for development at UCSD. This group is co-chaired by:

Website Development

This working group oversees web content and development as well as outreach efforts to community partners. This group is chaired by:

Fundraising & Private-Public Partnerships

This working group strategizes and facilitates fundraising for global health activities at UCSD. This group is co-chaired by:

Global Practical Experience

This working group determines how we can better coordinate student, fellow and residency programs that exist on campus to reflect a global health scope. This group is chaired by:

Faculty Recruitment

This working group discusses global health-related priority areas of expertise that should be considered for faculty recruitment, how to involve various schools and departments in the search for faculty with global health interests and will provide feedback regarding faculty recruitment to deans and department chairs on campus. This group is co-chaired by:


This working group discusses barriers that impede global health-related research at UCSD, as well as ways to overcome these barriers, how to strengthen current training opportunities for students and to facilitate collaborations in global health research across UCSD. This group is co-chaired by: