GHI Funding Opportunities

Global Health Institute Request for Applications

Led by Director Dr. Steffanie Strathdee, and Co-Directors, Dr. Joshua Graff Zivin and Dr. Thomas Csordas, the UC San Diego Global Health Institute (GHI) serves as a campus-wide center of gravity for global health activities. This includes providing a central, organized structure for coordinating UC San Diego global health projects, courses, research, and training programs for the local global health community. It is expected that GHI would enable interdisciplinary conversations and collaborations between faculty, students and fellows. The Institute includes over 400 members across all Schools and Divisions at UCSD.

The GHI is pleased to announce FOUR opportunities for our first round:

  • (5) Interns Program funds, up to $5,000 ea.
  • (10) Student Field Experience Travel Funds, $300- $2,000 ea.
  • Faculty/Postdoc Research ($5,000-$10,000 ea.) or Travel Grant (max. $1,500 ea.)
  • Interns Applications, Travel Funds, & Research Grants (see corresponding due dates below)
  • You may apply to multiple opportunities but will be awarded only one
  • Applicants will be added to our GHI list serve to receive notices of future opportunities & announcements
  • Submit applications and supporting documentation by the due date to Jennifer Jain at:

  • Can students apply the Student Field Experience funds for an upcoming April/May trip? Can students apply the Student Field Experience funds to a past trip?
Yes. The funds won’t be available for reimbursement until June but the funds are retroactive for this year and can be used for an April/May trip.
  • Are these awards applicable to support projects of residents with M.D.s?
Yes. They must be a resident to be eligible to apply.

Interns Program

The new Global Health Interns program is designed to advance faculty research through the engagement of student researchers with shared interests. Interested faculty should submit a one-page application that includes a brief project description, the tasks to be performed by the Intern(s), and a project budget to a cap of $5,000. The application should emphasize its contribution to the study of global health and the tangible knowledge or skills that will be acquired by the Interns. Students enrolled at all levels of study at UCSD are eligible to participate in this program. Please note that all projects involving human subjects will need UCSD IRB in place before receiving funding. Please indicate specifically in your proposal if the project does not yet have Human Subjects approval.

Eligible Applicants: UCSD Faculty/Student (Undergrad, Graduate, Medical)
Teams: Faculty member can have multiple teams &/or multiple students within a team
  • Demonstrate contribution to study of global health
  • Tangible skills/knowledge to be gained by intern
  • UCSD IRB in place (if applicable)
  • Max. Funds: $5,000/Team
Not currently accepting applications.

Student Field Experience Travel Awards

The UC San Diego Global Health Institute has created a travel fund designed to support degree-seeking UC San Diego students who plan to participate in a GLOBAL HEALTH RELATED field experience program. The funds provide critical assistance to students, and help to increase opportunities for students to study, undertake internships, and conduct research projects. Priority will be given to students whose field experience travel is necessary to fulfill degree requirements either in the US or abroad. This field experience opportunity increases exposure to other cultures and understanding and productively intervening in processes of health, illness, and healing across the globe. International Field experiences will be given highest priority, but projects based in the US that have relevance to global health will also be considered. Funds proposed in the US should have a clear global health focus.
Funding up to $2,000/person to assist current students with domestic and/or international field experience expenses, available as stipends for summer travel, and reimbursement for travel during the academic year. Expenses from past travel may be reimbursed with these funds as long as the trip took place in 2018. Awardees will be asked to present their research poster/report at a global health conference such as the Horizons of Global Health Research Symposium and Field Experience Expo, Undergraduate Research Conference, Drinks and Dissertations: a graduate research symposium, or other similar forum appropriate to class level.
Eligible Applicants: Undergraduate, Graduate, EAP, & Professional Students
Requirements: Students must be enrolled during the coverage of the funds, with minimum 3.2 GPA and/or Good Academic Standing. Max. Funds: $2,000/student.
DUE DATE: March 31st, 2018
Questions? Contact

Faculty/Postdoc Research/Travel Grants

The UCSD Global Health Institute invites applications from faculty and postdoctoral fellows to support research on topics advancing the mission of the GHI, and the strategic aims of the university. Proposals may be for small scale projects intended to produce scholarly publications or for pilot projects that will lead to extramural funding. We encourage collaborative projects bridging schools and divisions within the university. Projects may be sited abroad or domestically but should focus on low income or low resource regions or populations. Funding will support travel (e.g. international conferences) up to $1,500 or projects with budgets between $5,000 and $10,000.

Proposals should include research plans with specific aims, locale and target population, research methods, expected contribution to the field (totaling no more than five pages), plus a budget with justification (one page), and NIH style bio sketches from each collaborating researcher.      

Eligible Applicants: UCSD Faculty and Postdoctoral fellows
  • Focus on low income/low resource regions/populations.
  • Max. Funds up to $1,500/person for travel; $10,000 for research projects.
Due date October 16, 2017.