ID Fellowship Tracks


Our program offers three tracks:

The Clinician Educator Track provides training to fellows interested in pursuing a career with a clinical, education, and/or leadership focus.

The Research Track provides training for fellows interested in pursuing a research career, including basic, translational, clinical, epidemiology, and/or global health research.​

The Combined Adult/Peds fellowship (4 years) is for fellows interested in working with both adult and pediatric populations.  

Both research and clinician educator tracks spend the first year primarily focused on inpatient consult rotations at our various training sites.  The second year of the clinical track is individualized based on the fellow's Area of Emphasis and career goals, and includes a combination of clinical rotations, coursework, and protected time for scholarly projects.  During the second and third years of the research track, fellows spend the majority of their time (~80%) working with a mentor on a T-32 grant​-funded research project, focusing either on general infectious diseases and antimicrobial resistance or HIV.  In the combined adult/peds fellowship, ​fellows spend one year doing adult ID clinical training, one year doing pediatric clinical ID training, and two years doing research​. ​This track is not available in 2023.

​Sample Schedules​​​

Year 1: Both Tracks


Clinical Rotations
General ID at Hillcrest, Jacobs and the VA
24 weeks
Antimicrobial Stewardship,
Infection Prevention, and
​Quality Improvement
2 weeks
HIV Inpatient Medicine4 weeks
Oncologic/BMT ID6 weeks
Solid Organ Transplant ID4 weeks
Microbiology Lab2 weeks
ID Outpatient Clinic4 weeks
4 weeks

Year 2: Clinician Educator


Area of Emphasis
Rotations, Clinic, Scholarship
Inpatient elective rotations​
4 months 
Research and outpatient clinic electives
7 months  
HIV continuity clinic
​4 weeks

Years 2(+): Research


42-44 weeks
Inpatient ID Consult Rotations
4-6 weeks
HIV Continuity Clinic
1/2 day weekly
4 weeks 

Combined Adult/Peds Fellowship

​Year 1: Adult ID inpatient rotations (or Peds ID inpatient rotations)
Year 2: Peds ID inpatient rotations (or Adult ID inpatient rotations)
Years 3 and 4:
  • 42-44 weeks research
  • 4-6 weeks inpatient rotations (mix of Adult and Peds ID)
  • ​8 weeks vacation/CME
  • Weekly outpatient clinic (alternates between HIV continuity clinic and Peds ID clinics)​