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Jay Varughese, MD

Clinical Professor
Hospital Medicine Director of Inpatient Oncology
Co-director of Palliative Care Unit

Contact Information

Academic Profile

Dr. Jay Varughese provides care and support to the hospitalized cancer patients in the UC San Diego Health System.  He utilizes his Internal Medicine and Hematology/Oncology training to help those at the most vulnerable of times, the inpatient hospitalization. 

Since his arrival in the Division of Hospital Medicine in 2009, Dr. Varughese has been recognized with the Excellence in Teaching Award for his dedication to medical student education.  He has been recognized by his colleagues twice with an MVP award for his willingness to help and collegiality.  

Dr. Varughese serves as the Hospital Medicine Director of Inpatient Oncology and Co-director of the Palliative Care Unit.  These leadership roles have allowed him to focus on Inpatient Oncology Care and work with an interdisciplinary team to evaluate ways for continued growth and improvement. 

Outside of work Dr. Varughese enjoys running and watching his two favorite sports of basketball and soccer. 

Representative Publications

Varughese J. Vision Loss As Initial Presentation Of Lung Cancer. Poster Presentation at the Society of Hospital Medicine, March 2019

Varughese J, Clay B, El-Kareh R. How Sweet it is…Reducing Duplicate Hemoglobin A1C. Poster Presentation at the Society of Hospital Medicine, May 2017

Varughese J, Hussain F. Inpatient Diagnosis of Primary Membranous Nephropathy and Cardiac Amyloidosis

Poster Presentation at the Society of Hospital Medicine, May 2017

Toledo J, Hsiao G, Varughese J. Use of a Best Practice Alert to Curb Inappropriate Duplicate Pneumococcal Vaccinations. Poster Presentation at the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists, May 2014

Varughese J, Toledo J, Hsiao G, Seymann G. Too Much Of a Good Thing: The Prevalence and Cost of Duplicate Pneumococcal Immunizations. Poster Presentation at the Society of Hospital Medicine, May 2013

Sebasky M, DeKorte M, Horman S, Varughese J, Seymann G. Night Vision: Resident and Hospitalist Perceptions of Night Shift Education. Poster Presentation at the Society of Hospital Medicine, May 2013

Varughese J, Jenkins I. Venous Thromboembolism Prophylaxis for Medical Patients. Hospital Medicine Clinics April 2012;1(2) e238-e253

Varughese J, Sandhu M, Sachdev S, Palekar P, Cohen A.J, Eisenberger A. Arteriovenous(AV) Fistula Thrombosis and Thrombophilia. Poster Presentation/XXII Congress of the International Society of Thrombosis and Haemostasis, July 2009

Varughese, J, A.J. Cohen. Experience with epidural anaesthesia in pregnant women with von Willebrand disease. Haemophilia Nov 2007;13(6):730-3

Sabnani I, Varughese J, Washer R, Youngworth H, Tsang P. Multiple synchronous unusual extranodal sites of relapse in a patient with mantle cell lymphoma. Clinical Advances in Hematology and Oncology, 2007 Oct;5(10):797-8,802; discussion 802-3

J.I. Varughese, A.J. Cohen. Experience with Epidural Anesthesia in Pregnant Women with von Willebrand Disease. Poster Presentation /46th American Society of Hematology Annual Meeting, December 2004

Awards and Honors

UCSD Health Leadership Academy (HLA) Class of 2018, (1/2018-12/2018)

MED 401 Excellence in Teaching Award, UCSD June 2014

UCSD Hospital Medicine MVP Award, February 2012 and September 2017

PGY-1 Intern of the Year, Newark Beth Israel Medical Center, 2004

I am proud to be a part of UC San Diego Health Hospital Medicine because I work with a diverse group of individuals focused on patient care and continued improvement.